2022 Election Bloodbath Coming for Democrats

Democrats cheated their rotten asses off in the 2020 Presidential Election, including down ticket. But things will be very different in 2022.

Like when Obama legitimately won in 2008, the midterms were devastating for Democrats. So much so, a rarely humbled Obama admitted his party got a “shellacking”.

What an understatement. Particularly when you consider all that Obama was supposed to bring to Democrats. James Carville declared with the election of Obama that Republicans wouldn’t win another election for decades.

However, the Tea Party helped Republicans serve James Carville and the entirety of the Democratic Party some cold crow. And it’s about to happen again.

Despite all the shenanigans pulled to get Joey Demento elected, Democrats know what’s coming in the midterms. A bloodbath.

A poll from Democracy Corps revealed bad news for the Party of Lynching of Negroes, “Enthusiasm for Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections outpaces Democrats by double digits, with most GOP voters also remaining loyal to former President Donald Trump, a new poll reveals,”

“While engagement has leveled off for both parties since the record-high turnout of the 2020 race for the White House, a Democracy Corps survey found that 68% of Republicans remain engaged ahead of 2022,” the report continued. “Meanwhile, Democrats have seen their engagement slip to 57%, an 11-point cushion for the GOP.”

“The survey also found that Republican voters remain firmly in the camp of Trump, with only 16% of Republicans identifying as ‘non-Trump conservatives.’ In the battleground states, which most likely decide the balance of power, only 9% of Republican voters identify themselves as part of the same group,” the report added.

“Engagement has leveled off?” LOL. What engagement EVER EXISTED for Joey Demento? Unless you engaged Biden in his basement, you never saw the man.

During his recent trip to Louisiana, the group greeting Biden could fit in a phone booth. And what of Biden’s much-awaited address to Congress at 100 days? Watched by an anemic 26.9 million, compared to Trump’s 47.7 million. By the way, this is the same ratio by which Trump thumped Biden in the 2020 Presidential Election.

But things won’t improve for Biden. Captain of the Demented Party has the brain capacity of a snail, and the policies to prove it.

Biden’s inflation-laden economy will be the bane of Democrats’ existence. And when you throw in war in the Middle East and China’s dominance, no amount of cheating will help these evil scumbags.

If Democrats try to cheat again after the carnage of Biden, Americans won’t stand idly by this time. And Democrats know it. The best they can hope for is to selectively keep people in seats of power. Because a reckoning is coming.

Thankfully, RINOs have seen the writing on the wall, and quit. America has a new third party. And it’s Trump’s to run.

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