Michigan Governor Refuses to Answer whose PRIVATE JET She Flew

How many of you can call up somebody and get a private jet to go visit family? Don’t bother answering.

But that’s exactly what Michigan’s Gestapo Governor Gretchen Whitmer did recently.

As my grandfather would say, “Everybody ain’t able!”

But when asked about how she scored that “white privilege”, Whitmer played dumb.

The “sick family member” excuse?

How does the average American get to their sick family members?

Detroit political consultant Adolph Mongo commented to columnist Charlie LeDuff:

“She said she was going to see her sick daddy, but that’s not a legitimate political expenditure,”

“What it is, is a political favor. She asked. She got on their plane. Now she owes them one.”

Who is owed the favor?

According to The Associated Press, the plane Whitmer traveled in is owned by Air Eagle; an executive vice president of Detroit’s PVS Chemicals is the listed agent for the jet. I don’t think we need Colombo to know where to start looking. Perhaps a favorable contract or two?

But Whitmer has her built-in excuse that extends beyond the family issue:

“I’ve said everything I’m going to say about my trip to check on my father. I’ve got nothing to add…We don’t discuss my travel. I have received an incredible number of death threats over the last year and a half.”

I’ll match my death threats against those of Whitmer. Interestingly, I still fly commercial.

Note that Whitmer fears her constituents. Though she has protection. Further, at airports everybody is screened for weapons.

Recall that Whitmer’s team used this excuse once before.

She was caught traveling by private jet to Florida before. On April 19, Whitmer’s spokeswoman, Tiffany Brown, revealed that she couldn’t give details on the state or the dates of travel because of “ongoing security concerns.”

The cost:

Sources say that Whitmer went wheels up in the Gulfstream G-280 jet, departing the toney West Palm Beach area on Monday, March 15 at 4:37 p.m. She touched down at 7:01 pm in Lansing.

As for the cost of the travel, had she booked it through a service, LeDuff offered:

“Had Whitmer booked a round trip flight from Lansing to West Palm Beach through a private charter company, it would likely have cost $10,000 to $20,000, or a whopping $40,000 for the actual jet she took, according to private jet websites.”

“The latter is more than 25 percent of the governor’s salary — before taxes.”

If Whitmer did nothing wrong, she should tell us more about the trip. And again, I suggest some investigative reporter find out the connection between Whitmer and the owner of the jet.



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