OSHA on Wuflu Shot: Finally Get One Right

No employer or anybody else should be able to mandate what a person does with his or her body. Yet that’s exactly what some employers had tried with Wuflu.

Using this scamdemic, some employers curry favor with Captain Demento’s administration as they pretend to be more woke than each other. They make getting a shot for a virus with a less than one percent death rate mandatory?

I’m shocked to learn that OSHA comes to the rescue.

As Technocracy News reports:

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has put employers on notice that should they attempt to require employees to receive injections of experimental COVID-19 gene-therapy vaccines a resulting adverse reaction will be considered “work-related” for which the employer may be held liable.

I suggest to anybody under a mandate from his or her company to take this to their Personnel Department, and let them know that they are NOT protected.

The article continues:

OSHA released its new guidance on April 20 under a “Frequently Asked Questions” section of its website having to do with COVID-19 safety compliance.

The question asks whether an employer who mandates employees receive these experimental COVID-19 shots is required to record any adverse events as a result of these injections. Such recording requirements of serious work-related injuries and illness may not only leave an employer vulnerable to worker’s compensation claims, but such incidents could also impact the employer’s safety record.

The question and answer in full:

If I require my employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of their employment, are adverse reactions to the vaccine recordable?

If you require your employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment (i.e., for work-related reasons), then any adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine is work-related. The adverse reaction is recordable if it is a new case under 29 CFR 1904.6 and meets one or more of the general recording criteria in 29 CFR 1904.7.

This clarification comes as an increasing number of employers seek to mandate the experimental injections despite possible illegality. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported this beginning trend in varieties of fields, including machine operators, office workers, restaurant waiters, and medical staff.

“The Houston Methodist Hospital network is mandating vaccines for both existing employees and new hires, barring an exemption,” Chip Cutter of the WSJ wrote. “Those who fail to comply will at first be suspended without pay, and later terminated.”

Since when is something like this a condition of employment? Worse, after the fact!

I say, “Fire me, B*tch!” Because I know whomever is fired over this will get a black-man-shot-by-cop settlement.

Under the new OSHA clarification, such employers may be held liable for injuries due to these requirements. Like this 39-year-old nurse aide Janet More. She died last New Year’s Eve within 48 hours of receiving one of these injections. According to her brother, she at least had the impression “it was a mandatory vaccine that she had to take for her job.”

A 39-year old has a better chance at being killed in a hit-and-run in Bangladesh, having never gone to Bangladesh, than dying by way of the Wuflu.

Another case involves the sad death of 28-year-old Sara Stickles.

Stickles was a nutritional specialist at Swedish American hospital in Rockford, Illinois. She died just five days after her second shot of one of the mRNA gene-therapy vaccines. Again, she thought the shot was mandatory.

It doesn’t help that Joey Demento’s administration has initiated a full-court press on getting this stupid shot. If you get it voluntarily, you will have no recourse in the event of bad side-effects or death.

I understand allowing some protections for pharmaceutical companies, like the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. This shields pharmaceutical manufacturers from any liability due to injuries or death caused by their products. Some argue that this act provides too much protection. However, one could argue that these companies would never develop drugs without such protection. But they can’t have total immunity, particularly with a scamdemic.

Frankly, I don’t care if OSHA passes blame down to the employers who mandate the shot. No company should mandate such a thing to an employee. I’d love to see one of these “woke” companies get sued into oblivion.



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