Wuflu Vaccines May Create Dangerous Toxins

Leftists tout science a lot. And what’s funny is their views are so antithetical to actual science.

Consider the “science” of Wuflu, where numbers were manipulated at every level in this scamdemic. Then, when we got the various “cures”, people recognized the game. For example, when you claim a cure that’s been around for less than a year has been tested on PREGNANT WOMEN?

Seriously. Even the dumbest Leftist knows the gestation period of a baby negates that testing bullsh*t. Next, you know to call foul, when the Fed said the vaccines are safe. Because, the side effects from these “cures” are longer than an elephant’s penis. Still, the Fed and its minions reported 99 percent safe for these toxic brews.

Leftist media outlets all but ignored the deaths and horrible tragedies for many who lived after taking that fateful jab. Further, social media Gestapo Facebook strategized against “vaccine hesitancy.” And had it not been for a whistleblower, Facebook would contend that they did nothing wrong.

But it gets worse.

Now, we find out even more about these deadly vaccines. And from a self-described pro-vaccine scientist, namely Dr. Byram Bridle.

Bridle is a viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Unlike Fauci the Fraud, Bridle knows the actual science and he’s not afraid to tell the truth. Put better, he’s not getting paid to lie.

Dr. Bridle relayed new research about the experimental Wuflu vaccines that he admitted was “scary.” In a collaboration between Dr. Bridle, other international scientists, and the Japanese regulatory agency, new cutting-edge and peer-reviewed research revealed a horrific discovery. Spike protein used in the experimental jabs can be deadly.

In an interview with Canadian broadcaster Alex Pierson, Dr. Bridle relayed his findings. But the tweet below emphasizes a point I have been making for over a year:

Herd immunity doesn’t come from vaccinations. This is the new lie. There must be another reason politicians are pushing vaccines so hard. It’s definitely not because they care about us and our health, I hope people finally realize that. There must be something else driving them.

You can listen to the interview yourself. However, here is what the NIH reports of the Wuflu vaccines:

The coronavirus disease of 2019 (COVID-19) is caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). While systemic inflammation and pulmonary complications can result in significant morbidity and mortality, cardiovascular complications may also occur.

I took a screenshot, so you can see the RED warning they posted.

The government wants us to believe THEY brought “normal” back.

In fact, it is they who created havoc, and now they wish to dole out normalcy. Capitulate, then you can go back to the new definition of normal.

But their ruse backfired.

Because Americans know what normal is. We weren’t born with masks. And we know our bodies are the best defense against any disease.

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