Biden wants Black People on Drugs

I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that powerful white Leftists want Black people on drugs. And evidence supports me.

I don’t blame powerful white Leftists for pumping drugs into the Black community. Because when you’ve plotted against Blacks as Democrats have for decades, you don’t want Blacks to get hip to the game. So keep them dumb and most of all medicated.

In the recent controversy over Sha Richardson’s positive test for marijuana, Joe Biden didn’t disappoint.


After being asked if Richardson’s suspension was fair, Biden responded:

“The rules are the rules and everybody knows what the rules were going in. Whether they should remain that way is a different issue. But the rules are rules, I was really proud of the way she responded.”

“Whether they should remain that way is a different issue”? That’s what Biden said.

He said this, because he left room for athletes, ok Black athletes to use drugs in the future. This might open things up to many more silly Negroes willing to try out for the Olympics.

What should Biden have said? Thanks for asking.

What Biden should have said is,

“While I admire Richardson’s athleticism, I am saddened that an athlete of her caliber would use drugs of any kind. Sports should be pure; and athletes at her level are role models for many youngsters. Perhaps she could compete by using marijuana, a drug that doesn’t necessarily enhance performance. However, far too many people who use marijuana don’t have the drive that Richardson has. By using marijuana, she sends to wrong message to Americans, particularly Blacks.”

But Biden and other white Leftist elitists condone drug use in the Black community. And not because Black people will get sweetheart deals like crackhead Hunter Biden.

As history suggests, Blacks will get shafted due to drugs. Millions already have. Drugs lead to violence, and ultimately incarceration.

Frankly, I don’t care about a person’s drug use or habits. If you want to put dope in your system, fine. I know Black people have used drugs for decades to cope with Democrats’ abuse. Others choose different reasons.

Regarding marijuana, I’m not here to argue the effectiveness of CBD, because I’m convinced the drug helps some people. But I believe the drug likely has done a lot of damage in the black community; perhaps the community at large.

A recent study actually links early use of cannabis to developing serious mental illness. It’s worth the read. Especially if you’re raising young black people and want them to grow up both physically and mentally strong.

Blacks are far past the idea of needing drugs to cope. It’s time black people grow up and deal with life head on. Clean and sober.


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