Hunter Biden: ‘Half my salary went to paying Joe’s bills’

Turns out, while Joe Biden landed his son a lucrative position that paid Hunter millions, dear old dad was in on the cut.

New emails reveal Hunter spent mucho dinero paying for house repairs and AT&T bills. In fact, Hunter says it was “half his salary.”

It’s funny that emails eleven years old are suddenly the talk of the town. But Democrats have a penchant for resurfacing ancient history. I just love how Joe repeatedly says he NEVER benefited from his son’s dealings. Yet, here’s proof that he did.

As the Daily Mail explains:

Hunter Biden complained that ‘half’ of his salary went to paying his father’s bills while he was Vice President, casting doubt on the Joe’s previous claims that he’s never benefited from his son’s business dealings.

The bills included a $190-a-month AT&T phone bill and thousands in repairs on Joe’s lakeside home in Wilmington.

The payments were described in a 2010 email, when  Joe Biden was earning $225,000-a-year as Vice President. He had already made well over $100,000-a-year for decades prior as a senator and author.

Hunter, according to emails, had to foot a $190-a-month AT&T phone bill for his father, and pay for repairs to his lakeside property in Wilmington, Delaware. At the time, Hunter was working as the interim CEO of Paradigm Global Advisors and he’d also founded the investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners.

He joined Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings on its board in 2014.

Now, I can’t lie, it does bring me a degree of pleasure to prove another Biden claim false. Are the fact checkers lining up to correct their earlier assessments? The ones where they said Biden was on the up-and-up?

My dad used to watch and old cop show. The lead investigator, Joe Friday, had a hook line. I can’t tell you how many times I’m reading about the Bidens and I hear Joe Friday say “Just the fact ma’am. Just the facts.”

Karen M. Smith on Twitter: "Boom! “Just the facts ma'am, just the facts.” (Sgt. Joe Friday on Dragnet) ?… "

And the facts here are pretty interesting:

The Daily Mail adds:

      • 2010 emails between Hunter and his business partner Eric Schwerin detail payments for ‘JRB’ – likely Joseph Robinette Biden
      • They include $190-a-month on an AT&T bill and payments for house repairs
      • Thousands went on new walls, paint and AC fixes at Biden’s Wilmington home
      • At the time, he was earning $230,000-a-year as Vice President
      • He has always said there was no conflict of interest between Hunter’s deals and his responsibilities as Vice President
      • The details of the bills make a tangible link of how he financially benefited from Hunter’s business dealings
      • In 2017 and 2018, Joe and Jill made more than $11 million and they dodged taxes
      • But Hunter complained in a text to his daughter in 2019 that ‘half’ his salary went on paying his father’s bills.
      • He told her: ‘Don’t worry, unlike Pop I won’t make you give me half your salary’

In one email, Hunter and his business partner at Rosemont Seneca, in 2010, they discussed how much they needed to spend paying Joe’s bills.

The subject was ‘JRB bills’ – which match Joe’s initials – and described how $2,600 was to be paid to a contractor for a ‘stone retaining wall’ at Joe’s home, along with $1,475 to be paid to a painter for the ‘back wall and columns’ of the property and $1,239 to a builder who’d fixed the AC at Joe’s late mother’s home. He rented that house to the Secret Service for $2,200 a month.

In an email to Hunter from Eric Shwerin, his partner at Rosemont Seneca, Shwerin talks about the bills they needed to pay for Joe

I love how the then Vice President always warned that he’d be “busy.” Plausible deniability, perhaps?

Shwerin to Hunter in other emails titled JRB Future and JRB bills

Hunter happily dragged his daughter into the fire.

Naomi Biden, named after her deceased aunt, got a glimpse of the dynamic between her dad and grandpa. Looks like she was told to hit the road, and to never expect another dime.

Texts from Hunter to his daughter Naomi in 2019 where he complained about having to give Joe half of his salary. He also threatened to never give her a 'dime' again


In more juicy tidbits, Hunter told his personal assistance that good ol’ Joe was using lines of credit in his son’s name. What in the world did he need lines of credit in someone else’s name? Is he shopping the Angel collection at Victoria’s Secret?

Shockingly, Joe Biden’s earnings toppled $11M when he had his son paying the phone bill. In fact, Hunter was paying lots of family bills through the investment firm. Maybe it was Hunter’s penance for embarrassing the family. Who knows? But the whole thing is fishy.

It’s no wonder Hunter turned to crack cocaine to deal with his family entanglements. He was already dealing with a bunch of crazies. Thus, might as well become one.

However, don’t get it twisted. Hunter doesn’t deserve our sympathies. Seriously, this man earned nearly $85,000 a month. And we all know that salary fell in his lap, courtesy of “the big guy.” So forgive me if I don’t feel too bad for the whiney little crackhead.

Of course, Biden and the White House both sit silent on these revelations. I’m sure Creepy Joe’s memory can’t go back that far. He can barely remember his name. However, I bet the Chinese make sure the President doesn’t forget their little deal. The one where Hunter sold “access” to his father.

I’m sure more emails will soon surface. And leftists will scramble to create more lies to cover Biden’s ass. Already, democrats choke back the embarrassment of Creepy Joe’s well-documented sleaziness. I can’t wait to see how they justify another Biden lie.

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