Chicago Restaurants Charge $100 MINIMUM due to Wuflu

You must appreciate the inventiveness of some people. Like these Leftist restauranteurs in Chicago.

People in Chicago are outraged that some high-end Chicago restaurants now charge $100 minimum per person to dine.

According to a local CBS affiliate, “A Chicago man was outraged when he was faced with a minimum payment to eat at a restaurant, and he thinks the rule should go away now that the city is opening back up.”

But the rule isn’t going away. Because these restauranteurs plan to milk Wuflu for all its worth. Thus, the restaurant owners claim that they must continue their Wuflu-related restrictions, and thus guarantee themselves a certain amount of income per table.

I understand their want- just not the tactics.

Clearly, other options exist.

First, fight City Hall. If enough business owners had the balls to push back on these tyrants, the restrictions would and should go away. I don’t feel any safer because some busboy sprays down the table with disinfectant a couple of times more than usual. Nor do I feel the need to separate by six feet in a restaurant, where you walk to the table masked, but can remove the mask once you sit.

All for show.

Second, raise your prices to a level that keeps you in business.

Ah, the logic of Leftists.

I referred to the restaurant owners who do this as Leftists, because only Leftists would do this. True capitalists, ergo non-Leftists would entice people to their restaurants versus pushing them away.

Leftists use twisted logic. These Leftists hope they have found a way to profiteer on Wuflu; a novel way to screw the public. Frankly, I hope it sticks so people in Chicago get even more pissed.

I want to see a $20 per person minimum at McDonalds. And a $50 per person minimum at Appleby’s or Pizzaria Uno. Wouldn’t that set the hair on fire of the average Chicagoan.

Next, expand that nonsense to all cities in America. After all, wouldn’t that help with the minimum wage situation as well.

This Policy Will Fail.

When people stop going to restaurants or only go to those without minimums. And what about tips? Think people will tip when they have a minimum?

One interviewee, Howard Tolsky validates my thoughts on the impact of this policy. Tolsky booked a dinner online for a well-known downtown steak restaurant. The restaurant required a minimum of $300 for three total people just to ensure a table there.

Tolsky commented,

“I figured, well, we’re not going to spend $300. We might spend $250. But I don’t want to spend $300 dollars on a meal that costs $250.”

He went to another restaurant. Tolsky added:

“Now is the time for them to attract customers and not detract them.”

Restaurants refuse to admit that Leftists policies surrounding Wuflu led to these arcane decisions. Yet, they punish potential diners.

One restaurant owner declared in response to the report:

“Like many in our industry, we had to make some updates to our policies. The $100 per person minimum will remain in effect to provide the ability to be successful as a steakhouse designed for the full sit-down experience and support our restaurant’s operations and staff.”

And what were you paying for before, the pandemic? The same things: food and the experience. Nothing changed except Leftist policies that forced restauranteurs to do silly things like this.

According to some restaurant owners, the past year of severely restricted numbers on diners they were allowed to seat and last-minute cancelled reservations created problems.

I’m not buying either excuse.

Limited seating would create a supply problem, thus demand would increase. And cancellations is part of the business. High-end restaurants keep a list of people who can fill in, if a patron cancels.

Regardless, some Chicago restaurants charged people for the reservation, before any service was rendered. Now that’s some serious Leftism. Pay yourself for doing absolutely nothing.

Again, let’s see how long Leftists live in this death spiral.

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