Hunter Biden’s Artwork Sold to ANONYMOUS Buyers

Democrats want Trump’s taxes. But none of them want to look into Hunter Biden’s latest business venture.

In yet another slap in the face to America, we learn that Hunter Biden has another highly profitable endeavor: art.

If you didn’t know that Hunter Biden was an artist, don’t sweat it. Because neither did Hunter Biden. Or anybody else for that matter. But when there is potentially millions of dollars for “the big guy” involved, Hunter has carte blanche on how he “earns” for the family.

As Fox News reported,

Former President Barack Obama’s ethics chief Walter Shaub is slamming a White House arrangement that would allow the president’s son Hunter Biden to sell his expensive artwork to anonymous buyers and with no disclosure to the public – a deal Shaub derided as a “perfect mechanism for funneling bribes.”

Shaub first responded to the White House’s announcement on the deal Thursday, writing in a lengthy Twitter thread that the Biden administration is trying to “make sure we will never know” who the buyers are.

“So instead of disclosing who is paying outrageous sums for Hunter Biden’s artwork so that we could monitor whether the purchasers are gaining access to government, the WH tried to make sure we will never know who they are,” Shaub wrote while linking to the Washington Post’s report. “That’s very disappointing.”

Disappointing? To say the least.

Corrupt. Shady. Nefarious. Crooked. Unethical. FRAUDULENT. To name a few. And Obama’s former ethics guy realizes it was well.

Had anybody heard anything about Hunter Biden’s art? Of course not. Unless you count the art of staying out of jail after committing felonies.

Shaub doubled down on Friday, saying that the younger Biden’s new artwork career has “just got the absolute appearance that he’s profiting off of his father’s fame.”

“He’s not selling under a pseudonym. He’s not waiting until his father is out of office. He’s not selling at any price comparable to what other first-time artists are selling,” Shaub said in a recent interview.

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Shaub is right. The Bidens are upfront about everything except the people purchasing the art. Because if we learned who these people are, we could easily see how the Biden family may be laundering money.

Shaub raises other concerns, and even suggested that The Big Guy try to talk his son out of this move that would certainly raise ethics questions. Or, make the buyers public. You can bet this is what the media would require of the Trump family at the very least.

Shaub wants the buyers to be made public so that “any time one of those buyers got a meeting with an administration official … the public could judge whether or not they were getting preferential treatment.”

“The problem is, now they’ve set a precedent for the next president,” Shaub said. “Even if you happen to trust Joe Biden, what if the next president has the character of a Donald Trump? This would be a perfect mechanism for funneling bribes to that president.”

While some may want to give Hunter Biden the benefit of the doubt, I’m not one such person. The media and other Leftists hold the Bidens to a far lesser standard than they do the Trumps. And that’s fine. Because the Bidens are a far lesser family.



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