Machine Gun Shootout in Chicago Traffic Jam

Guns can be brutal, as these Chicago men found out.

Apparently, an assault rifle pulled two black men out of the car in the middle of a traffic jam in Chicago. Next, the gun then forced the men to begin shooting an assault weapon and other firearms at another vehicle.

Check out the dashcam footage from an eyewitness Huber Pereznegron of the attack:

Clearly, these gun-wielding black men are innocent. The video didn’t clearly show it, but I’m sure this is THE GUNS’ FAULT.

Who knows why these men shot at the other car. But clearly the guns and the men had a good reason. Maybe the person in the car wore a confederate flag button. Or perhaps the occupant of the other vehicle did something untoward the black man? Perhaps the other car had a Trump bumper sticker?!

Maybe the occupants of the other car were simply white? These days, being white in America is a crime itself.

In the video report, the reporter mentioned that the gunfire triggered a shot-spotter. In case you don’t know what a shot-spotter is, it’s a device that triangulates on gun fire. Thus it can predict where gun fire originates and police are dispatched.

Only in Democrat-controlled cities do they have such interesting law-enforcement weapons. As for the effectiveness of the shot-spotter, that remains to be seen. Because a typical weekend in Chicago can make a shot-spotter ask for mercy!

After seeing this video, one understands completely how Mayor Lori Lightfoot is obsessed with police shooting of black people. So what not a cop was in sight when the gun forced these black men out of their car to shoot at another vehicle. This incident is still the fault of police. Or white people!

If you have to ask why, I will explain.

First, you are a racist. Because you should never question any crimes committed by blacks in Democrat-controlled cities.

Second, critical race theory teaches that America has institutional racism. So this incident was clearly the fault of that institutional racism, ergo the police and WHTE PEOPLE.

I don’t expect much to happen to these black men. Certainly Lightfoot and Chicago PD have bigger fish to fry. Like finding those two redneck Trump supporters who attacked Jussie Smollett.


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