Afghan’s Taliban-controlled Government More Legit than America’s

While China played its part in the coup against President Trump, they succeeded in something far greater. They took down a legitimate government, and replaced that government with a puppet.

Thus, it comes as no surprise to anybody that Biden screwed the pooch in Afghanistan. Even Democrats have come to realize that only a brain-damaged moron would implement an exit strategy like that of Biden’s. And the media isn’t buying the, “It’s Trump’s fault!” trope.

Biden is being hung out to dry.

Jake Tapper and Jim Acosta torched the Biden “administration” for its handling of the Afghanistan pullout. Leave it to Trump to showcase Leftist buffoonery, even if only from the outside looking in.

Trump proved to NOT be a warmonger, as he said he wanted our troops out. He would have gotten the Taliban and Afghan government to sit down together and formulate a deal, had he not been taken out. Instead, as one pundit assessed the situation in Kabul, Biden did a “handover” of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace affirmed that the Taliban will take over Afghanistan. All they needed to do was wait for a feckless Leftist to take the helm, then strike. And that’s what they did.

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan confirmed what most Americans know intimately. Leftism sucks, and it selected one of its weakest members as its leader.

Now the Taliban is a legitimate government. And American’s new overseers confirmed that.

Zero Hedge wrote:

Late last month the world beheld the unusual footage of Taliban commanders being warmly received by China’s foreign minister Wang Yi in the Chinese city of Tianjin. That trip included the Islamic terror group’s co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, in a rare visit widely seen as an attempt of the jihadists to gain “legitimacy” abroad.

It appears to have paid off, given that now at a moment the Taliban is scoring victory and victory on the ground they are eyeing the sought after price of Kabul. And now US News and World Report writes that “China is prepared to recognize the Taliban as the legitimate ruler of Afghanistan if it succeeds in toppling the Western-backed government in Kabul, U.S. News has learned, a prospect that undercuts the Biden administration’s remaining source of leverage over the insurgent network as it continues its startling campaign to regain control.”

You can’t get any more legit on the world stage than China these days. And China’s top tier legitimacy happened due to the ousting of Trump.

Understand that the Chinese would never have made such a move with Trump in office. However, with Trump gone the Chinese now set the course for how the rest of the world behaves. Biden can ride out what remains of his term in his basement.

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