Biden Begs Taliban: Please Spare our Embassy

Begging is the new U.S. position on foreign policy. And the threat of not receiving American funding.

What an embarrassment Joey Demento’s foreign policy is. According to the New York Times, Biden has stooped to begging.

Before I get to that, remember Obama’s foreign policy position? Bowing to heads of state. Clearly Joe Biden learned much from Blunder Boy. So after pulling our troops out of Afghanistan, Biden now pleads with the Taliban, “Please don’t take our embassy”.

The Times reported,

“American negotiators are trying to extract assurances from the Taliban that they will not attack the U.S. Embassy in Kabul if the extremist group takes over the country’s government and ever wants to receive foreign aid. The effort, led by Zalmay Khalilzad- the chief American envoy in talks with the Taliban, seeks to stave off a full evacuation of the embassy as they rapidly seize cities across Afghanistan.”

As of now, the Taliban is moving fast.

CNN reports:

The Taliban have seized Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second-largest city, and a number of other provincial capitals, as the insurgent group accelerates its rapid advance towards the capital Kabul.

Afghan Member of Parliament Gul Ahmad Kamin told CNN on Friday that Kandahar had been taken. The city, which lies in the south of the country, has been besieged by the Taliban for weeks, and many observers consider its fall as the beginning of the end for the country’s US-backed government.
Later on Friday the militants took charge of a handful of other cities. According to CNN analysis they now control 17 of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals, all of which have been captured in the last week.
The group has made territorial gains in the north of the country, which has traditionally been an anti-Taliban stronghold. And it now controls towns and territories within 100 kilometers (62 miles) of Kabul, including the capital of Logar province, which also fell on Friday.
In a statement Friday, the Taliban said they had taken control of the governor’s office, police headquarters, as well as other key operational centers throughout the city of Kandahar. “Hundreds of weapons, vehicles and ammunition were seized,” the Taliban statement said.
Kamin said he and many others had made their way to a military base close to the city’s international airport and were awaiting a flight out. “Many (government) soldiers surrendered and the rest fled,” Kamin said.
Kamin had earlier told CNN that Taliban fighters had been able to break through the city’s frontline and were engaging in sporadic confrontation with government forces.
Kandahar, which lies on the junction of three major highways, is of particular strategic importance and was formerly a major hub for US military operations. Its seizure marks the most significant gain yet for the Taliban.

Wow, just wow. Leftists did a coup on Trump so we could get this “diplomacy.” The former most powerful military in the world reduced to begging?

Supposedly Biden sent 3,000 troops to help with the situation. So he removed thousands of troops only to send back thousands of troops to remove a few dozen people. That’s Leftist “strategy” on full display.

Frankly, I don’t care about the evacuation. But I do care about the optics.

If you are leaving a place, do it completely. That’s like breaking up with a person, then going over every day to get clothes from the closet. Just freaking leave and don’t look back.

Under Biden’s “leadership,” Americans are in harm’s way, as Biden begs the Taliban to avoid another Iranian hostage situation. Pathetic. What’s more pathetic- Biden screwed the pooch again. This is another situation Trump nipped in the bud. Only to have Biden undo Trump’s hard work on our behalf. It’s time to stop this clown car. America wants out.




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