America’s Most Oppressed Billionaire and Royals

America is so oppressive to blacks that recently it crowned one of its biggest black whiners a “billionaire.”

Before I get to America’s newest billionaire, I’d like to discuss to equally oppressive situation for Britain’s most infamous couple.

I watched trailers for a new TV show called “Escaping the Palace”. This is a new TV series about former Prince Harry and his skank bride Meghan Markle “escaping” the luxurious life of royalty. A life they had to escape, as if they were sex slaves in the Congo. Or better yet, Afghanis headed for the airport.

Yes friends, victimhood now reached royal proportions. And we need a TV show to understand their oppression.

At the end of 2020, there were 82.4 million forcibly displaced people in the world, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). More than 25 percent of these people are refugees. This number has doubled since 2010, and is almost 20 million more since I wrote about it only a few years ago. With Biden’s epic screw-up in Afghanistan, that number expands exponentially.

I wonder if any of those 82.4 million refugees would trade places with the royals?

On our side of the pond, we deal with a different set of royals. Like “King” Lebron James. He remains one of America’s oppressed, though he recently entered the rarified air of the 9-zero club. The first athlete of any color to do so, I believe.

But before we start sympathizing with “King” James’ plight, remember his Disney movie flopped. How much oppression can one man stand?!

As for LeBron’s new financial status, understand that the only reason he got there is because of a rich, white man. Everybody knows a Black man can’t make it in this world unless a white man helps him. {What is ya, ignant?!}

LeBron’s friendship with Warren Buffet is a well-known fact. And let’s face it: LeBron isn’t the brightest bulb in the package. We know this dude rode the coattails of this rich white man, while talking much sh*t about, well…rich white men.

Don’t panic, America. Because LeBron won’t use his new status to become a role model for young black people on how hard work and persistence pays off. If LeBron teaches anything to America’s Black youth, it will be that no matter how hard you try, you’d better have a white billionaire friend or you are doomed.

Scrap meritocracy. The cream doesn’t rise to the top, at least not if you’re black. So stop trying, little Negroes. Because there will only be ONE “King” James.

Do you expect  oppressed LeBron to honor the country that allowed him to reach the echelons of financial status? Don’t hold your breath. So he overcame all the ills of a so-called racist America to be yet another black “first.” Like his baller friend, former President Barack “Baby Black Jesus” Obama, LeBron will continue to speak disparagingly of the country that provides opportunity for millions of blacks. Because there is no sense letting other blacks have hope.

And if you expect LeBron to give away his money or his title, I say to you in the words of Harvey Weinstein, “Welcome to Tinseltown little Princess. I’m about to make you a STAR!”

Lebron has given back. He built a school and a couple of community centers in black neighborhoods. That’s plenty of “give back” when you are “King” James.

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As for those other royals from Britain, here’s how their story ends.

For the Spotify deal, Meghan and Harry got $33.5 million, as well as a structure deal between $1.85 and $3.7 million yearly from Netflix, according the Times, as quoted by

Now the “bad” news:

“So far, they haven’t exactly set Hollywood on fire,” she added. “The problem with this paradigm is that their entire money-making ability is pegged to their ability to generate good PR.”

“Should interest in them wane, or public fatigue for the never-out-of-the-news duo set in, then their value could plummet.”

However things don’t look that great, according to Elser.

“Given their costs for security and their home in Montecito have been estimated at around $5.9million, they would need their productions to be smash hits,” she wrote.

Clearly it sucks to be “royal”.

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