Biden and Finally a No Bullsh*t Poll

I used to think that whatever polling you see on Biden is simply made up bullsh*t. For the most part, they are.

If Trump taught us anything about fake news, he also pulled the curtain back on fake polls.

Most polls come from fake news organizations. They poll for instant clicks, because we have been trained to want to see poll results. As for Biden and other Leftist nonsense, the polls are created to sell Leftist narratives.

If they want to sell global climate farce, then they “poll” a group of “scientists,” all of whom are paid to report what “pollsters” (aka Leftist conspirators) want them to say. Thus, we get the widely debunked Al Gore “hockey stick” graph, as well as Obama’s “settled science.”

Honestly, I’d like to see a law passed that pollsters must report who responded, and provide nth-degree data on respondents. If they don’t back up their data with real people based on honest data, they get jailed for misleading the publics.

If that were the case, charlatans like Frank Luntz would serve multiple life sentences for his BS focus groups, rigged with Leftists.

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During the 2020 Presidential Campaign Joey Demento couldn’t get to 60 percent of the Democrat vote in some states where he was the only candidate remaining on the ticket. Yet, we are told that Biden polled good enough to defeat Trump? On what fu’ing planet?

And now these “pollsters” want us to believe that Biden dropped from 53 percent approval to 46 percent? I don’t buy that horse sh*t for a second.

Joey Demento has NEVER, repeat NEVER polled at over 50 percent, unless you asked if people believe he suffers from brain damage. Now that’s a poll where that fool gets a plurality.

However, for job performance, handling of the border crisis, handling of Afghanistan, there is no way in hell that man get anywhere near 50 percent approval.

Check out an authentic poll

In what may be the closest polling to Biden’s actual popularity, the Trafalgar Group performed the survey in conjunction with the Convention of States Action. The poll results showed that almost 60 percent of respondents strongly disapproved of President Biden’s handling of the military operations in Afghanistan. Another nearly 10 percent of respondents merely disapprove.

12.4 percent approve and another 10.7% strongly approve, while 7.5 percent had no opinion.

23 percent of respondents should never be allowed to vote again, if they actually approve of Biden’s bungling in Afghanistan. The additional 7.5 percent with no opinion need to grow a pair.

Clearly the bulk of the nation, nearly 70 percent of Americans, disapprove of Biden’s handling of this pull-out in Afghanistan. And you can bet this mimics Trump’s real margin of victory over Biden.

Recall that Trump got 16 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016. And you can bet that many of those votes came from disgruntled Democrats. 48 percent of Democrats polled disapproved of Biden’s performance in Afghanistan. In fact, under 40 percent of Democrats approve of Biden’s handling of things in Afghanistan.

To no one’s surprise, this Captain Demento did not score high marks among Republicans, as 80 percent strongly disapproved of the job he did with the Afghan troop withdrawal. Frankly, I don’t know why this number isn’t 99 percent, leaving 1 percent for the remaining anti-Trump Republicans.

Regardless, even including the roughly 3 percent margin of error things don’t look good for Biden. They conducted this poll on Aug. 14-15, it had 1084 respondents, and it had a margin of error of 2.98%.

I don’t blame Biden for Afghanistan. Because I knew the man was a brain-damaged idiot that should have been banned from politics a decade ago. But I do blame the people who used The Big Cheat to put this clown in office. They have blood on their hands.

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