Biden Checks for ‘Nap Time’ at Ceremony for Fallen Military

Joey Demento Biden can’t miss nap time or bad things happen.

That’s why during the ceremony to honor the people Biden got killed in Kabul, Joey Demento checked his watch.

Nicholas Fondacaro documented the moment on Twitter:

It’s true. Joe Biden checked his watch during the dignified transfer of the servicemembers killing in Afghanistan at the airport. You can see him jerk his left hand to pull the watch out from under his sleeve, then look down at it.

I guess Biden could have been checking to make sure he hadn’t missed his dementia meds?

Speaking of setting alarms, consider how many Biden and his team must set for him. Here’s how I see the first hour and 15 minutes of Biden’s day:

    • 7:45A Get up and take a dump
    • 7:53A Wipe ass
    • 7:54A Re-wipe ass, because you missed areas
    • 8:00A Put on house slippers and join Dr. Jill and her boy toy for breakfast
    • 8:20A Call chief-of-staff for rundown
    • 8:30A Nap 1
    • 9:00A {sent from staff) Prep for “transfer ceremony”

If any good can come of this embarrassing buffoon, this must be it.

If he’s checking his smart watch, as some Tweeters hypothesized, I hope he got the text reminding Biden of his earlier promises. The ones where he pledged to “stay in Afghanistan until every American is rescued.”

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According to Fox News:

President Biden told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos during an interview on Aug. 18 that the U.S. military objective in Afghanistan was to get “everyone” out, including Americans and Afghan allies and their families.

“That’s what we’re doing now, that’s the path we’re on. And I think we’ll get there,” he said. “If there’s American citizens left, we’re gonna stay to get them all out.”

A senior State Department official told Fox News on Monday that there remained a “small number” of Americans inside Afghanistan.

Of course, Biden said “every American.” Not “most Americans.” And not “all but a couple hundred.” He said “every American.”

Now, estimates from Team Biden say there are about 250 people left. If I had to guess, I’d say that means we have at least a thousand stranded citizens. That number doesn’t include our Afghan allies. Even though the president also promised to rescue “those who worked with us.”

Broken Promises

It’s nothing for this president to go back on his word. In fact, the troops pulled out a day before the August 31st deadline, despite the fact that some Americans are being left behind.

And knowing their names were supplied to the Taliban, many of these Americans now face a death squad. In fact, children fielded gunfire as a result of Biden’s incompetence. How could something like this happen? With today’s technology? With our supreme military prowess? There is only one reason.

Joey Demento!

Do you think this would happen under Donald Trump? Of course not. Trump announced our planned withdraw eighteen months ago. And not one singly military death happened in that window of time. Why? Because Trump made it clear- you mess with the bull, you get the horns. Trump made no bones about it. Both the Taliban and ISIS knew to stand down or die.

Back to Biden and his disrespectful time check.

A few more ideas on what Biden looked at on his watch:

  • I’m still psyched about my cool new Dick Tracy watch!
  • Message from the Taliban: Enjoying the ceremony?!
  • Message to self: Remember, it’s not Jill; it’s DOCTOR Jill!

Clearly Joe Demento had better things to do than honor our fallen military. What’s so sad is how Biden and Democrats use the military as political fodder. Because their actions do not mimic their glorious rhetoric.

Listen to any of the speeches Biden has given since the attack that killed 13 servicemen, and when he gets to the military, he gets louder and more defiant as he recognizes “our brave men and women”. Mere words.

Biden, the Democrats, and other Leftists couldn’t care less about America’s military. They weaken the military every chance they get. And they use funding of the military to add useless nonsense to exploding budgets.

Democrats installed a clown as president. And so far Biden hasn’t disappointed in his ability to “f*ck things up”, as Obama declared.

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