Taliban Fires Shots at Small Children

Hundreds of American citizens are trapped in Afghanistan. And thanks to our President, we are helpless. All we can do is watch the terror unfold.

Meanwhile, some Americans are brave enough and resourceful enough to take matters into their own hands.

I previously wrote of one such soldier, Retired Green Beret commander Scott Mann. He’s leading a rescue mission to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies. Unfortunately, the Taliban is making the mission difficult, to say the least. Currently, “the Taliban is preventing Americans from getting inside the Kabul airport gate to access flights. [Mann] warned that as the withdrawal deadline is quickly approaching, hundreds of American citizens will soon be trapped behind enemy lines.”

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Fox News shares:

SCOTT MANN: The Pineapple volunteers – these are all special ops volunteers and civilian supporters. We’re doing this remote. We’re doing this from the US, but we’re building on our relationship and trust that we’ve had with our Afghan partners for 20 years. So we’ve got the ground truth on the outside of the gate.

Here’s the deal. There are hundreds of American citizens right now who are not able to get in. Yesterday, there was a bus of up to 50 American citizens with many small children within sight of the gate. The Taliban were not only not letting them in, they were firing over their heads, firing around the bus with these little kids on there. Imagine sitting on that bus with your kids, enduring that for hours at a time, never got in. This is happening all over the city. We’re going to have American citizens and Afghan allies behind enemy lines within a few hours.

Shame on you!

You know, I was raised to treat a president with respect, even if he came from the other side of the aisle. My father scolded me when I had sarcastic remarks about Bill Clinton. And it certainly wasn’t because he was a liberal. My parents simply demanded that I show respect.

Yet, I have to say that if I met Joe Biden today, I would not shake his hand and say “nice to meet you Mr. President.” Instead, I would say “shame, shame, shame on you!”

Thirteen soldiers just came home in caskets. Thirteen families are now left to mourn their fallen heroes. Before he lost his memory, Joey Demento understood that kind of loss. But not anymore.

The demented old clown is out of touch with reality. So much so that Biden has ACTUAL BLOOD on his hands. It’s no longer a metaphor. And America should no longer leave him in charge…

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