Biden Created the RESCUE Mission

As Team Demento attempts to reshape the narrative of Afghanistan, let’s understand a simple thing: Biden made his own bed.

Put another way, nobody was in hiding in Afghanistan under President Trump. In fact, not one person died from the moment Trump announced we would leave Afghanistan until the first deaths on Aug 25.

So who owns this mess? Clearly Biden owns his mess.

Trump began the job of getting America out of Bush’s mess; something Obama didn’t do. Trump made the case years ago that America would no longer be the world’s police. Many people who may have initially agreed with American occupation agreed with Trump.

Post-announcement of America’s pending exodus, few people disagreed with then-President Trump. However, now Biden acts as if leaving Afghanistan was his idea. Further, Biden’s team now call what should have been a routine exit, a “mission.”

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When did this become a “mission?”

The answer is simple. In November, when Democrats cheated to put an incompetent fool in the office of POTUS. The coup of Trump set in motion what would become the chaos in Afghanistan. Biden turned what would have been an easy exit into a hostage rescue and humanitarian “mission.”

It is a matter of record that Biden’s team disregarded Trump’s playbook on exiting Afghanistan. Biden did this because his job is to thwart Trump at every chance, and showcase Biden’s bungling.

I remind you that the Taliban attacked nobody during the Trump presidency. And they had a year to do so, yet did not attack anyone. And neither did ISIS or ISIS-K.

The Taliban believed Trump when he said America was leaving. They believed him, because Trump does what he says. As for ISIS and ISIS-K, they didn’t attack America for the same reasons. They believed Trump would protect Americans and hunt them down like dogs if they attacked a single American.

Do you believe President Trump would have created this fiasco?

Not a chance. Biden knows it, the Democrats know it, and the world knows it.

So now we get the term “mission.” And Psaki said the mission is to save lives. Since when?!

At no time were Americans in or out of Afghanistan concerned about this exit. Under Trump, most Americans were unconcerned about this, whether it would happen May 1 or whenever the exit occurred, despite Biden’s excuses.

According to Biden, it didn’t matter when he exited Afghanistan, it would be a clusterf*ck no matter what. And I believe him. Because he is a bungling buffoon.

His press secretary gave two scenarios for how this could go. That’s is a debate tactic that allows for only the lessor of two evils. But even the press is on to her.

Interesting how easily Psaki finally admits, “Yes there were more than two options…but still the two we proposed are the only REAL options.”

Team Demento’s options were (1) get some people killed, or (2) potentially get lots of people killed. They went with option (1). But then again, they have left the door open for option (2).

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