Drone Strike Hyperbole from Team Demento

Too bad Joey Demento didn’t have an aspirin factory to bomb. Instead of doing what Bill Clinton did when embroiled in scandal, Biden flaunts the next best thing.

In covering for his incompetency in Afghanistan that has led to the death of 13 Marines and 90 Afghanis (so far), Biden claims to have retaliated.

CNN reported,

The US military carried out a drone strike against what it said was an ISIS-K planner in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province, amid warnings of possible further terror attacks targeting the last-ditch US evacuation effort from Kabul.

The desperate mission to airlift US citizens and Afghans who assisted US forces and officials from the country by the end of the month is now in its final phase.

According to locals in the area where the strike was carried out Friday night, at least three people were killed — a man, a woman and a child — and several people were injured.

However, the US Defense Department said in a briefing Saturday that two “high-profile” ISIS-K (Islamic State- Khorasan) targets were killed in the strike, and one other was injured.

Sure. Two “high-profile” ISIS-K targets were killed? And who are these two people?

First, I first heard of ISIS-K about a week ago. What happened to ISIS? Oh, that’s right; Trump pretty much wiped them out. But now we have a new boogeyman. And I’m willing to bet that 99.9999 percent of Americans never heard of ISIS-K until a week ago.

What is clear is that terrorists exist in Afghanistan. And because Biden destroyed America’s clandestine activities in Afghanistan with his bonehead exit strategy, two terrorists blew up 13 Marines and 169 Afghanis.

Are they really associated with one terrorist organization? Or any terrorist organization?

What Biden wants us to believe is the group that took two years to identify the one guy responsible for Benghazi were able to find not one, but two “high profile” targets in ISIS-K.

Nice that the CIA had the intelligence apparatus in place, despite having no embassy, and dozens or more operatives scrambling to leave Afghanistan, they managed to put a team together to hunt down two “high profile” targets.

When President Trump bombed Iranian generals and other bad guys, we knew who they were. But Biden bombs nameless bad guys. Americans got all we need to know, and don’t dare ask for details.

Biden wants us to believe that he acted swiftly. He killed the bad guys AND he never lost focus on the “mission.” You know, the mission; where the president turned a routine exit from Afghanistan into sheer terror for tens of thousands of Americans and Afghani supporters.

But there is more evidence that these two “high profile” targets are not dead. I base this on too much information.

The New York Post reported,

The two ISIS-K operatives fatally blasted in a US drone attack in Afghanistan on Friday were riding on a motorbike at the time of the attack, a report said.

Really? Since when do we care what these people were riding in? One tell-tell sign of lying is when a person adds too much detail. And in this next part of the article, we get additional details as well as unnamed sources.

The terrorists, described by US officials as a “planner” and a “facilitator,” were on the back of a three-wheeler, known as a tuk-tuk, when they were targeted in the retaliatory strike, the Mail on Sunday reported, citing social media photographs.

US officials? Who are these “officials”? And how high of a level are planners and facilitators?.

But the most telling part of this lie is that they identified the motorbike as a “tuk tuk.” What in the hell does this information add to the story?

And the same US officials informed us that the duo were members of ISIS-K, the local affiliate of the jihadist group that took credit for Thursday’s bloodshed at the Kabul airport.

So why not provide more details? The article continues,

At a Saturday Pentagon press briefing, officials refused to identify the individuals killed by name, or say if they played specific roles in the suicide bombing that killed 13 US service members and at least 169 Afghans.

“They were ISIS-K planners and facilitators, and that’s enough reason there alone,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

“The fact that two of these individuals are no longer walking on the face of the earth, that’s a good thing.”

Yeah, sure. These two high profile unnamed people cited by unnamed US officials are no longer with us. For me, it’s like they never were with us.

Let’s pretend Biden did kill two “high profile” targets.

If you believe that Biden actually killed two high profile bad guys with ISIS-K, do you believe the attacks are over? If killing bad guys is a deterrent, then why is Team Demento still warning of additional attacks?

Sadly, I’m willing to bet that the attacks on Americans by terrorists will continue, as I’m willing to bet Leftists and Democrats will continue to spin this. And as more American die,  Biden will say of these attacks: “I told you more Americans would die!”

Let’s see how many “high profile” targets Biden kills going forward. Something tells me that neither ISIS-K nor any other terror organization feels threatened by Biden.

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