Joe ‘Demento’ Biden’s Public Whiff (video)

I hate to admit it, but almost everything is political for me these days. I remember growing up when things were not that way; not even close. But we find ourselves in dire times.

Politicians no longer represent Americans. Most enter office with the idea of how much they can steal from their constituents and they lust for power.

Look at Biden. What a poster child for hanging around for over 4 decades to get your reward. Particularly when you consider that 99 percent of Democrat leadership know that Biden is a braindead moron, and has been moron for decades, the brain damage coming a bit later.

Back to everything being political, I saw a video of a guy whiffing the ball at home plate. Immediately Biden came to mind.

Sadly, this massive whiff could have been linked to many things Leftists attempt.

The election and performance of Barack Obama. Whiff. Russian collusion. Whiff. The attempt to shoe-horn Hillary Clinton into office. Whiff.

And while Leftists believe they have won in the Big Cheat, ergo the ultimate coup of Trump, in the end it’s just another big whiff. Don’t believe me, just look at Biden’s actions in Afghanistan. Whiff.

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The announcers said that the batter didn’t even try to see the ball. Sound familiar?

It’s one thing to take one’s eye off the ball, but to be fooled into a swing like that is, well…embarrassing. Luckily for the Javier Baez, the video will only be seen by a few million people. Biden dropped “trou” and took it up the tailpipe for billions to see.

More good news for Baez in that he will recover. Biden on the other hand is being compared to Vietnam and Iran.

While Vietnam is bad enough, the Iran comparison is foreboding. Because that implies hostages.

I predicted on my radio show that the Taliban will take hostages, despite White House press secretary’s protestation around using the word “trapped” in describing Americans in Afghanistan. Americans are trapped. And some won’t make it out for quite some time.

So expect Biden to whiff again. And again. And…again. Because he is unprepared for what comes next, as all Leftists are. Leftists don’t play things out to the bitter end. And that’s why Biden proved to be an abject failure in and out of Afghanistan.

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