Judge Forces Inmate To Get Wuflu Shot for his Freedom

Want to go to a college that your taxes pay for? Better get the Wuflu vaccine. Want to work for the Fed? Better get that vaccine.

And there are many other things Leftists want to hold up over people’s heads to gain 100 percent compliance.

So what that no science supports anything the bureaucratic larcenists proclaim. The die has been cast. America will submit to this farce. Even if by force.

Thus the story of the Ohio inmate. A judge has made getting a Wuflu vaccination a condition of his parole.

CNN reported,

An Ohio man says he will not get vaccinated despite a judge ordering him to get a Covid-19 vaccine shot as a condition of his probation.

Judge Christopher Wagner ordered defendant Brandon Rutherford to get vaccinated within 60 days of his court appearance August 4 or face jail time, Rutherford’s attorney, Carl Lewis, told CNN on Sunday.

Wagner said in a written statement to CNN that his role in the court is to “rehabilitate the defendant and protect the community.”

“I’m not taking the vaccine,” Rutherford told CNN.

Rutherford said he was “kind of shocked” when the judge told him he had to get vaccinated as a condition of his probation. He said he wore a mask to court because he’s unvaccinated. While masks are not required at the Hamilton County Courthouse, non-vaccinated individuals are encouraged to mask up inside, the court’s website shows.

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Check out Wagner’s excuse for ordering the vaccine:

“This defendant was in possession of fentanyl, which is deadlier than the vaccine and COVID 19,” Wagner said. “The defendant expressed no objection during the proceedings and stated no medical concerns, and his attorney did not object.”

So if you catch a drug case, the judge apparently believes you should get a Wuflu shot? For your protection.

It isn’t uncommon for judges to make decisions to protect a defendant’s health, Wagner added, which can include ordering various health treatments.

Lewis said that they are going to wait until the 60 days are up to see what the judge does before requesting a hearing or filing any opposition to the order. This is the first time he’s heard of a person being ordered to get the vaccine as a condition of their probation, he added.

Rutherford was sentenced to two years’ probation for possession of fentanyl, court records show.

I wonder how many judges are paying attention to what’s really happening out there.

Because when these forced vaccinations end in tragic death, those judges might find themselves on the other side of the bench for manslaughter. Or murder in the first degree. Premeditated at that.

Consider how many young people have severe reactions to the vaccine. Is it worth gambling your son or daughter? How ’bout your hands and feet?

 I’m all for making your own choice. If you believe in that shot, run down and get you one. But when a judge wants to force someone to poison himself, then the judge should be prepared to take responsibility if things go wrong. And I can promise you this, things will go wrong.




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