Loudmouth Democrat Gives Campaign Funds to Stanford for Son’s Admission

Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) may be the dumbest Asian in America. The man is the Hank “Guam Tipping” Johnson of the Asian Caucus.

But aside from being dumb, Lieu is also corrupt. So I was not surprised at all to learn that Lieu pulled a DC version of Felicity Huffman’s and Lori Loughlin’s pay-to-play scandal.

Zero Hedge reported on Ted Lieu:

After the recent admissions scandal at top California schools (including Stanford), the gifts of Rep. Ted Lieu (D., Cal.) would immediately raise concerns over the same type of academic pay-to-play pattern. However, the $51,046 to his alma mater, Stanford University, was not his own money but his campaign funds.

According to reports, the money was transferred just before his son was admitted to the highly competitive university. What is most shocking is that taking money for a campaign and then giving it to a school is not itself illegal. However, Lieu could still face some serious questions even under a law designed by Congress to allow what most donors would view as a bait-and-switch.

Of course this was a bait-and-switch. Lieu’s son had a huge disadvantage trying to get into Stanford, because the kid is Asian.

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If Lieu’s son were Black, Stanford would be paying him. But not so for the Asians. Instead, Lieu tipped the scale, Hollyweird style.

Proving that education is no measure of intelligence, Zero Hedge describes Lieu’s personal educational background:

Lieu is the assistant Whip for the House Democrats and is an American success story. Born in Taiwan, Lieu became a citizen, attended Stanford, and then was an outstanding student at Georgetown Law Journal. He then held state and federal office.  He is one of the most effective members on television.

The political contributions are subject to rules written by the people who collect them.

Not surprisingly, the rules are written to allow members to raise money ostensibly for their own campaigns and then transfer the funds to others. They also are used for expenses that seem overtly personal and excessive.

That brings us to the current scandal. Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings show that Lieu gave $51,046 to Stanford between February 2016 and June 2018.  As the other admissions scandal was raging, Lieu was transferring political donations to the school that his son would be applying to for college.

Clearly this was Lieu paying to get his son preferential treatment. Because that’s what Leftists do. They unlevel the playing field, then pretend to fight for equality.

Zero Hedge highlighted another Leftist Democrat scumbag, namely Eric Swalwell.

Take Eric Swalwell who recently was found to be spending his campaign funds on booze, limos, and rooms at the Ritz-Carlton (where his wife worked).  

Swalwell compromised himself when a Chinese spy posed as his girlfriend. There’s no telling what he did to keep that woman happy.

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