Supreme Court Orders Biden to Follow Trump

My, my, my, what a difference a Supreme Court makes. Today, SCOTUS ruled that the Biden Administration must defer back to Trump’s border policies- a definite defeat for the Clown-in-Chief.

“Previous to January, we had policies in place. Not perfect. Not in any way sealing up the border, but policies to prevent the kind of surge from all over the globe that we’re seeing now. Those policies were in place. And they were removed on January 23rd, and a very predictable surge followed…”

These words come from Retired Acting ICE Director Ron Vitiello. And he knows first hand the amount of danger our own President created for our nation. Now, thanks to the Supreme Court, Biden is now forced to reinstate Trump policies that protected our border.

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According to Fox News:

In a 6-3 decision, the court denied a request to stop a federal court ruling ordering the administration to reinstate the Migrant Protection Protocols – which has become known as “Remain-in-Mexico” – a major 2019 border security program that kept migrants in Mexico as they awaited their hearings.

Biden began dismantling MPP shortly after entering office, and formally ended it in June, one of a number of moves the administration made to reverse President Donald Trump’s border policies. Texas and Missouri sued, arguing that the ending of the policy in June was both harmful to their states and in breach of the Administrative Procedures Act (APA).

Critics called the policy, which led to the establishment of tent courts across the border, cruel and dangerous for migrants. The Trump administration said the policy ended catch-and-release, reducing the pull factors bringing migrants north. President Biden campaigned on ending the policy.

In the initial ruling, Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk ordered the Biden administration “to enforce and implement MPP in good faith” until it has been “lawfully rescinded” in compliance with the APA, and until the federal government has enough detention capacity to detain all migrants subject to mandatory detention.

The Biden administration said Tuesday it would appeal the ruling, but also comply with the order.

“Alongside interagency partners, DHS has begun to engage with the Government of Mexico in diplomatic discussions surrounding the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP),” the statement from the Department of Homeland Security said.


The Trump “Remain in Mexico” policy ended the former “catch and release” policies that left some states especially vulnerable to crime committed by illegal immigrants. As such, Texas intends to hold the Biden Administration accountable for their actions in stripping away border security.

The attorneys general of Missouri and Texas declared the Supreme Court victory an important win over the Biden administration, tying it to the crisis at the border.

“What we’ve seen of course since Biden’s reversal of MPP…has been an unmitigated disaster at the southern border,” Schmitt told Fox News in an interview Wednesday. “It’s been a humanitarian crisis, it’s been a national security crisis, and so to get this victory and reinstate President Trump’s successful policy is a big win.”

“It’s fundamentally important because we have a president who looked at federal law and said, ‘I don’t have to follow federal law, I’m the president, I do what I want, I don’t care if it’s in statute, I don’t care if Congress passed it, I can do what I want, I’m the president,’” Paxton told Fox News. “So it’s even bigger than immigration, it’s about the Constitution, the fact that even the president is supposed to follow the law.”

Paxton also stated:

“Clearly the Biden administration opened the borders up, said ‘come on in, bring your COVID, bring your fentanyl, let the cartels take over the border’ and that’s what’s happening,” he said. “I met with a bunch of ranchers from South Texas yesterday and they’re terrified, their land is being destroyed, they’ve had to move their cattle, they fear for their lives.”

Obviously, Paxton continues to fight the Biden Administration over border security. But that’s not all. The Texas Attorney General is also waging other battles with the Biden Administration for issues including Medicaid Funding and the Keystone Pipeline. As such, one can expect the Lone Star State to be an integral piece in dismantling #TeamBiden.

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