Biden Metaphor: Drunk Man Joins Search Party for Himself

If there ever were a story that depicts Demented Joe, this fits the bill.

Joe Biden is as lost as last year’s Easter eggs, and his policies and other actions prove it. For example, who removes security then evacuates a country? Answer: a moron who has “lost it.”

And make no mistake about it, Joey Demento lost it years ago. Which brings me to this story about a man who searched for himself.

According to AOL,

Turkish man Beyhan Mutlu joined his neighbors in their search for a 50-year-old man who’d gone drinking with friends, then wandered into the woods and disappeared. Much to Mutlu’s surprise, he was the missing man the party was seeking.

Citing local media reports, Vice reports that Mutlu spent hours scouring neighborhoods near where he’d been boozing with friends to help locate a missing person being sought by authorities and concerned community members. When Mutlu realized the volunteers were calling his name, he solved the mystery.

“Who are we looking for?” he reportedly asked. “I am here.”

Joe Biden, drunk on power after The Big Steal, now searches for himself. Like a man wandering the streets after a binge, Biden makes blunder after blunder.

Then, Democrats find him; take him home and tuck him in, pacifier and all.

At 79-years-old, Biden should be closely monitored. And with what three 4-star generals revealed about Afghanistan, Congress should at least tinker with the idea of the 25th Amendment.

If the Joint Chiefs recommended leaving troops in Afghanistan until after the evacuation and Biden nixed the idea, then the man clearly is joining a search party to find himself. Even the fake news Leftist media rightly criticized that move.

But Afghanistan highlights only one Biden debacle. Sadly, there are many.

If the press reported truthfully about the election, Joe Biden, the DOJ, Hunter Biden, and much more, most Democrats would be in prison. I suggest to the press that they join a search party and find themselves as well.

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