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China: No Girly Men on TV

Let’s see how America’s media handles this news coming out of China. Apparently China’s President won’t allow effeminate men on TV.

According to AP, China targeted feminized men. And as part of their strategy to make Chinese men more manly, Beijing recently restricted access to online video games, and is discouraging what it calls an ‘unhealthy’ attention towards celebrities. This comes in the wake of President Xi Jinping calling for a “national rejuvenation.”

I love how they view this as “unhealthy” attention.

Because that’s exactly what the fascination is with Hollyweird. Unhealthy.

The article explains that China’s government has banned effeminate men on TV. Thus, broadcasters must “resolutely put an end to sissy men and other abnormal esthetics,” the TV regulator said. The article noted that the [manly] announcer used an insulting slang term for effeminate men — “niang pao”. This translates literally to, “girlie guns.”

The Chinese are concerned that Chinese pop stars are being influenced by the sleek, girlish look of some South Korean and Japanese singers and actors. These Chinese pop stars then influence young Chinese men to do the same.

One of my friends moved to China for a couple of years to teach martial arts. He sent me an email explaining that one Marine could kick the asses of 500 Chinese boys. My friend said the “one-child” policy created a generation of “girly guns”, though he preferred the American term of “pussies”.

The response came after a delegate of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a top political advisory body, had suggested that Chinese schoolboys are “weak, self-effacing, and timid.” But what really made me LOL is how they described the little fresh meats — handsome, well-groomed, delicate-featured celebrities in the vein of K-pop stars.

In January, China’s education ministry called for more physical education as an antidote to male feminization – vowing to recruit better gym teachers and introduce fitness-based incentives such as free college education. Some described the feminization of these “girly guns” as “a threat to the development and survival of our nation.”

Hey Joe Biden, “Is this thing ON!?”.

While America introduces LGBTQ training and other nonsense in our military, China wants masculine military personnel. I wonder what our president has to say about that? Does he side with the LGBTQ community or his owners?

As for how far China is willing go, on Saturday, China ‘unpersoned‘ billionaire actress Zhao Wei. Thus, they removed her content from streaming platforms without explanation, and removed her name from all television series, films, short videos and promotional materials from platforms including Tencent Video, iQiyi and Youku.

On a personal note, the Chinese have nothing on Facebook and Twitter, who routinely do the same thing based on Conservative ideology versus idolatry.

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