Ferocious Crowds Prove Trump Favored Over Biden

In what the fake news media will try to spin as college kids loving Joe Biden, crowds didn’t exactly back up the 82 million vote count.

Old Row Sports posted a video of college students at a Virginia Tech game chanting “F*ck Joe Biden!”

For those who believe this is an anomaly, understand that it had happened earlier.

Old Row Sports captured this as well, this time at the Coastal Carolina football game.

Who started this? It would be hard to believe a college Trump supporter began this, though it is possible.

But more importantly, how was the chant able to persist? Are Democrats losing the young generation?

While the polls pretend that Biden is in the 40+ percent in many categories, I’m not buying it. Colleges kids aren’t the only ones who hammer Joey Demento. Many Americans hate the man.

My father-in-law recently took to a bottle of shoe polish to make his thoughts know. His car now says “BIDEN: Close Our Borders” while a sign in his yard reads: PRAY for AMERICA. Several of my friends who once sat somewhere between the left and right now profess to be staunch conservatives because the Biden Administration scares them. We’ve been sold out to China and everything that was great again is gone again.

80+ million voted for the true president of the United States. And many of Biden’s roughly 60 million legitimate voters would love to change their votes. Honestly, at this point even Dominion might wish for a different outcome.

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Wait until you start seeing the Trump flags.

Like not long ago, don’t be surprised to see more people blatantly and openly supporting Trump. In fact, Biden’s win might be a setback, but in the long-run, it strengthened the resolve of Trump supporters.

In fact, I visit the Texas coast every summer. And over the past few years, the lines of vehicle donning Trump flags was incredible. And not one Biden flag. No Hillary posters, Bernie Sanders lapel pins. Not once shred of leftism.

Trump, flag, Texas, Kevin Jackson
Image credit: Tiffany Layne


Yet, I worried that the Big Cheat would extinguish some of Trump’s fire. But I was wrong. Dead wrong. This year, the coast flew even more Trump flags. Only, this time there were Biden flags. And they all said the same thing. “F*CK BIDEN!”

And lets not even compare the Biden/Trump football crowd fans. Because we all remember how Trump was greeted on the 50 yard line.

In fact, I recall one particular crowd that practically fell our of their seats with praise for President #45.

Oregon Live documented:

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were greeted with cheers and chants of “USA” as the pair took the field for the playing of the national anthem before the Clemson faced LSU at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The examples could go on forever. But all they do is reiterate the obvious. The people’s choice is NOT in the White House.


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