Did you miss the LAMBDA VARIANT of Wuflu?

Much talk has occurred about the Delta variant of Wuflu, the more transmissible but less deadly version of the virus. But what happened to Lambda?

I was at dinner with friends discussing the farce of Wuflu. I explained how this virus provides a convenient excuse for Leftists to accomplish two things: (1) forced compliance by citizens and (2) a massive money grab.

First, we get a biologically-engineered weaponized virus from China. And instead of blaming China for negligence, our politicians use this “crisis” to accomplish the two things mentioned earlier.

So politicians set America’s economy back to Obama-level devastation, use the “crisis” to commit the most egregious voter fraud in the history of man, while fleecing the American public of over $6 trillion and counting.

During this time, they got Trump to actually help with the ruse, as he launched Operation Warp Speed. We needed a cure for what already had multiple cures.

Hydroxychloroquine with a vitamin regimen, asthma meds, and ivermectin all work in some way to thwart Wuflu. But these real cures were either not tried or ridiculed by the thieves who represent China and Big Pharma. Thus, the world got multiple “cures” that don’t cure anything.

At this point the government has lied about infection rates, as they are much higher. They lied about morbidity, as the death rates were much lower. And when the “cures” came, the government lied about the effectiveness of the cure, as well as the deaths and horrible side-effects of the “cures”.

Keep in mind that the “cure” still allows people to catch Wuflu. Many vaccinated people still die from Wuflu, ironically from the vaccination.

For more irony, the vaccinated are told to still wear masks and social distance. But if that’s not bad enough, they are also told that the vaccination doesn’t protect them from variants, and they will likely need annual (at best) boosters, possibly with more frequency.

Delta Variant

Speaking of variants, not long after the introduction of Wuflu, we got news of the delta variant. In this CNBC article from July of this year, they discuss the alpha, delta, and other variants.

More than 18 months into the Covid-19 pandemic and the world is used to news of new variants of the virus by now, particularly those that have, one by one, supplanted previous versions of the disease.

Some mutations of the virus, like the alpha variant and the delta variant — discovered first in the U.K. and India, respectively — have been more transmissible than previous iterations of the virus and have gone on to dominate globally. Whenever a new variant of the coronavirus emerges, scientists watch it closely.

It seems we passed right over the alpha variant and went straight to delta.

As I mentioned earlier, Fauci (the fraud) started touting variants immediately. He spoke of variants to make sure the narrative of force lockdowns loomed on citizens. The panic created food and other shortages. But it accomplished what the government wanted, which is to make sure they trained Americans on the idea of who is really in control.

So much for our Democratic Republic.

As for the delta variant, it was supposedly more communicable but less deadly. Sadly for Fauci (the fraud), the delta variant didn’t scare Americans enough. So they introduced a new variants, as the article reveals.

While the world is still contending with the rapid spread of the delta variant, which has usurped the alpha strain in terms of transmissibility and the potential to cause hospitalizations in unvaccinated people, there is now a new variant that experts are monitoring: The lambda variant.

Did you hear about the lambda variant, or “C.37” as the lineage has been designated? I doubt it.

But according to the article, this variant spread rapidly in South America, particularly in Peru where the earliest documented samples of the virus date from August 2020.

However, it was only flagged up as a “variant of interest” by the World Health Organization on June 14 of this year as cases attributed to the variant had spread noticeably.

In its report in mid-June, the WHO reported that “lambda has been associated with substantive rates of community transmission in multiple countries, with rising prevalence over time concurrent with increased Covid-19 incidence” and that more investigations would be carried out into the variant.

Why weren’t we notified that the WHO noted in its June 15 report that the Lambda variant had been detected in 29 countries, territories or areas in five WHO regions?

“Authorities in Peru reported that 81% of Covid-19 cases sequenced since April 2021 were associated with Lambda. Argentina reported increasing prevalence of Lambda since the third week of February 2021, and between 2 April and 19 May 2021, the variant accounted for 37% of the Covid-19 cases sequenced,” the WHO noted.

Meanwhile, in Chile, the prevalence of lambda has increased over time, accounting for 32% of sequenced cases reported in the last 60 days, the WHO said, adding that it was co-circulating at similar rates to the gamma variant but was “out-competing” the alpha variant in the same time period.

By June 24, the lambda variant had been detected in cases in 26 countries, according to Public Health England data. This included Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia as well as the U.S., Canada, Germany, Spain, Israel, France, the U.K. and Zimbabwe, among others.

Now the big question. Is Lambda more dangerous?

In a word, no. But the WHO and other public health bodies studied Lambda. They needed to understand how the variant compares with other strains of the virus. Is it more transmissible and more resistant to vaccines?

Their conclusion early on?

In mid-June, the WHO said “lambda carries a number of mutations with suspected phenotypic implications, such as a potential increased transmissibility or possible increased resistance to neutralizing antibodies.”

In other words, they have no idea.

Just like delta, Lambda is another permutation of a virus. And like most permutations, the human body begins to build antibodies to protect against the many versions of disease. I wrote of varieties of flus, but you can bet the average American has little knowledge of these variants.

This is from the CDC website:

There are 18 different hemagglutinin subtypes and 11 different neuraminidase subtypes (H1 through H18 and N1 through N11, respectively). While there are potentially 198 different influenza A subtype combinations, only 131 subtypes have been detected in nature.

Fricking 18 hemasomethings, 11 different neurasomethings, ergo 198 different potential flus. But luckily for us, only 131 of them have morphed.

Put another way, the Delta variant is only Lockdown 2 of potentially 131?

Where are we now? The Mu variant.

Expect the same BS from the WHO, CDC, and Fauci (the fraud) on Mu. Because Leftists will continue to search for a deadlier variant than the barely deadly original Wuflu. And the Chinese will likely oblige, now that they know Team Demento will give them a pass for infecting the world with a virus.


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