Email Reveals Biden CAVED to Union DEMANDS

Masks are ineffective, and even the “vaxer” idiots know this. But the Leftists who support this money-grabbing, freedom-killing Wuflu ruse can’t allow this train to derail.

So they plot and scheme, mostly using fear as their tactic. Because the science supports nothing they claim.

As part of the ongoing plot to subjugate America, we learned that Joey Demento’s team played their part.

As The Federalist reports:

The Biden administration bowed to the nation’s largest teachers union and changed its masking guidance for schools in May, newly discovered emails from Americans for Public Trust indicate.

One day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on May 13 that fully vaccinated people did not have to wear masks, the National Education Association threatened the White House with a scathing letter demanding an explanation.

The NEA’s first draft of the letter demanding clarification on masking complained that the CDC “releasing the guidance without accompanying school-related updates creates confusion and fuels the internal politicization of this basic health and safety issue.”

“CDC has consistently said, and studies support, that mitigation measures, including to protect the most vulnerable, remain necessary in schools and institutions of higher education – particularly because no elementary or middle school students, and few high school students, have been vaccinated,” the draft continued. “This will also make it hard for school boards and leaders of institutions of higher education to do the right thing by maintaining mitigation measures. We need CDC clarification right away.”

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And Team Demento obliged to “protect the most vulnerable.” Seriously?

The less than 17-year-old population of America is 73 million. And of that number, less than 400 had died of Wuflu as of about a week ago. By my math, that doesn’t make the student body the most vulnerable, but instead the least vulnerable.

Many more things kill people in this demographic, but Leftists do little to nothing to solve those untimely deaths. Overdoses, drunk driving, violence, malpractice by doctors, food poisoning, and suicide to name a few.

Nevertheless, with Wuflu Team Demento capitulates to the teacher’s union. They strip students of their freedoms and demand masks and vaccinations of these children when NO science supports such nonsense.

Clearly, the teacher’s union and other unions see Wuflu as their opportunity to get more for even less.

It’s not enough that unions have gotten massive payouts for their people with no work. In fact, some union employees retire and receive the majority if not all of their salaries for life.

This next ploy allows unions to get their people paid to NOT work. As the saying goes, “Nice job if you can get it.”

Moreover, while teachers work they get multiple vacations, e.g. Spring and Fall Breaks. Further, they get at least two months in the summer for fun and frolic. Of course, we know there are millions of good teachers who deserve these breaks after months of working with Generation Crybaby. Still, one must admit teaching comes with quite a few fringe benefits.

Recall that during the height of the pandemic, many concerned teachers were caught on sunny beaches. So fearful of the dreaded Wuflu, they flew on planes to tropical paradises where they partied with the natives.

Watch Below As Pitbull Tells The Truth About Covid:

In other words, come on folks Use your common sense. We already know what’s going on here.

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