Biden and Democrats PANICKED Over Christmas

Expect Democrats to soon start level-setting about Christmas. Shortly, we may hear them saying things like, “Christmas is not about gifts, it’s about what the holiday represents!”

Democrats may be so desperate this Christmas shopping season, they won’t refer to it as the “holiday season” for fear of an American awakening. Which is much different than being woke.

Obviously, Joey Demento’s supply-chain issues represent a real conundrum for Leftists.

Reuters wrote,

Biden is working with labor and shipping officials to address issues in the U.S. supply chain before and on Christmas.

Biden unveiled his new strategy to ease bottlenecks in the supply – the reason why some goods have either not been delivered or are not on store shelves. He introduced a system that would allow 24/7 operation at the Port of Los Angeles.

LOL. A new system? Sure; because nobody knows how to run additional shifts. Joe Biden invented the multi-shift system, probably around the turn of the 19th Century.

ABC New reported on Biden’s revolutionary strategy:

On Wednesday, Biden held a meeting with leaders of Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach California as well as FedEx and UPS to get ahead of potential economic entanglement.

I have a question for America’s chief strategist. Why did we not have this problem during the Era of Trump?

Outside of the Leftists intentionally hoarding toilet paper, Trump fought through the Wuflu scamdemic. And you can bet if Trump hadn’t been cheated out of the election, we wouldn’t see any supply-chain problems.

In Biden’s strategy, he addresses 40 percent of the nation’s cargo. But what about the 60 percent elsewhere?

And what about the cost of shipping cargo? In only a few short months, the price to ship a container has gone from $3,000 to $20,000!!! That’s a 567% increase.

Shipping costs, up. Manufacturing costs, up. Distribution costs, up. Prices going up, up, UP! No wonder Biden’s poll number are going down.

Almost all imported staples are down. Under Trump, America was reducing our trade deficit. Captain Demento returned to the Obama plan: American Trade Sodomy.

When the supply-chain lengthens, the cost of goods goes up. And in this case way up. But Biden got commitments from Target and Walmart. Both big box retailers promised to help out. And in what Biden called a “big first step,” he ignores the fact that neither Walmart or Target manufacture anything.

Notwithstanding, many more people buy over the internet. Thus, they already buy in the 24-hour cycle.

Biden also said, “We need the rest of the private sector chain to step us as well”. Again, a platitude for a massive problem of Biden’s creation.

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U.S. chief economist at Mizuho Securities Steven Ricchiuto seems pessimistic about Biden’s approach.

“What the president’s doing isn’t going to really hurt. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t solve the problem,” Ricchiuto told Reuters.

Biden has massive problems with supply chain issues beyond manufacturing and distribution.

His vaccine-mandates are adding to existing challenges like the current worker shortage. This shortage occurred for two reasons.

First, Biden is paying people to not work. And they are obliging. The incentive not to work is strong. Second, Biden chased people away from jobs with his vaccine mandates. That’s like removing your security people before an evacuation. Only an idiot would do that.

Additions to Biden’s woes include equipment shortage due to lack of semiconductors and other items. He has a business base reeling from Draconian Wuflu restriction, and consumer confidence that should scare all retailers.

Add all these challenges together, and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. For Republicans!

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