Dems PANIC as BLM Joins Anti-Vax Movement

Blacks have almost always supported Democrats in their devious causes. However, there appears to be “blacklash” against the Orwellian mandates of Team Demento.

Surprisingly, BLM is pushing back against vax and other mandates. And how will Democrats deal with their disgruntled base and the idea that “Black Lives Matter”? You can bet the money is flowing to various black “leaders” in an attempt to calm the natives. In the past, these black troublemakers in the vein of Sharpton and Jackson have won over the black community to the detriment of the black community. But that was in pursuit of chump change for the community and enrichment of its leaders. Can they pull this off again?

Over $6 trillion has been dumped in the scam of Wuflu. And some of that money has trickled down to poor blacks. But it doesn’t appear to be enough.
Ironically, Democrats have used the same tactics with abortion and it worked. However, abortion involved the killing of an unborn black, not the host. Further, abortion doesn’t restrict the rights of the woman carrying the child or her “baby daddy.” Wuflu does.
If Democrats keep this up, they just might alienate the demographic they pretend to care so much about. Namely, the poor black folks.
According to the Washington Examiner:

Mayor Bill De Blasio has aggressively pushed a “vaccine passport” system that bars entry to restaurants, gyms, and other public places without proof of COVID-19 inoculation. But with black residents lagging the overall population in vaccinations, the rules are disproportionately affecting a minority group usually in step with Democratic policies. The schism came to a head on Monday, when Black Lives Matter of Greater New York launched a protest outside a restaurant where enforcement of the policy sparked a melee.

Hawk Newsome is a black activist and co-founder of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York — one of the many prominent Black Lives Matter organizations outside the hierarchy of the Black Lives Matter Global Network. He founded the group with his sister, Chivona Newsome. Both siblings spoke at the Monday protest, where Hawk accused the city of using vaccination requirements to run cover for its “racist ways” and “discrimination.”

Anti-vaxxers or Critical Thinkers?

Leftists are desperate to write-off these citizens, leery of the vaccine, as just some form of rebellion. But when the government is caught in lie after lie, especially regarding the vaccine, it’s hard to trust these so-called representatives of ‘the people’.

Newsome spoke with the Washington Examiner about the difficulties vaccine-hesitant blacks are facing in the era of medical passports.

“We are not anti-vaxxers. Some of us are vaccinated,” Newsome said of his group. “It’s an individual’s choice. No one should be forced to put something in their body.”

The number of black residents in New York City who have not been vaccinated is drastically disproportionate to other racial groups. More than 70% of black people in New York City aged 18 to 44 have not gotten the injection — a statistic touted by Chivona at the Monday protest. There is a variety of reasons for the lag in shots, including religious beliefs and distrust of the government.

“It’s black people who have a natural distrust of the vaccine,” Newsome said. He cited the Tuskeegee Syphilis Study as an example of historic exploitation of black people by the U.S. medical community, despite the fact that vaccines are accessible to people of all racial groups.

BLMGNY is advocating for the complete abolition of vaccine requirements, not only in the city but also on a national level.

“I think, in a perfect world, [vaccine requirements] should be business by business. But it could be a slippery slope, so the mandate should be removed completely,” Newsome said, adding, “It’s not gonna be white men in suits on Wall Street who are gonna get stopped. There’s such hypocrisy in this thing.”

Vaccine Shaming

Ironically, the very country founded because citizens wanted religious freedom, among other liberties, now threatens to destroy those very freedoms.

The article continues:

Newsome, a Baptist, said that what infuriates him the most is the lack of accommodations for an individual’s spiritual objections to the vaccine.

“How dare they remove religious exemptions? It’s the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen,” Newsome said. “Now the government has decided your God doesn’t matter? I love God.”

On Thursday, three black women were taped attacking the waitress at Carmine’s Italian Restaurant, after which they were arrested and charged with instigating a fight. The women allege that the waitress used racial slurs against them that provoked them, but no recording of such an altercation has been made public thus far. The owner of Carmine’s, Jeffrey Bank, denied that his hostess used racist language while asking for proof of vaccination.

“Three women brutally attacked our hostess without provocation, got arrested and charged for their misconduct, and then, over the last several days, had their lawyer falsely and grossly misrepresent their acts of wanton violence in a cynical attempt to try to excuse the inexcusable,” Bank said in a statement.

Regardless of Bank’s explanation, protesters, including both Newsome and his sister, took to the streets against the restaurant and the city’s vaccine mandates.


Some critics argue BLMNY is selling out, abandoning the leftist ideology. I’d counter that for once, this group is finally seeing through the brainwashing schemes of the Democrats.

Newsome insisted to the Washington Examiner that his group isn’t “running to the Right” in critiquing the Democratic leadership in New York.

“I’m a follower of Malcolm X,” Newsome said, calling the historic black activist the greatest civil rights leader in U.S. history. “Malcolm X didn’t trust the Republicans, but he also didn’t trust the Democrats.”

“Do we agree with the Right? No,” he continued, adding that he cannot align with the GOP because he believes their platform is built around the oppression of black people. However, Newsome believes that black communities are being intentionally left out of discussions about vaccine hesitancy by left-wing politicians.

“It fits a narrative to say crazy Trumpsters are the only ones who don’t want to take the vaccine,” Newsome said.

Of course, it’s ironic to say those against the vaccine are blind Trumpers. Trump helped clear that path for speedy creation and approval of this vaccination. Furthermore, Trump had a Pfizer vaccine. Conservatives aren’t blind sheep.

If you ask every conservative in America, 99% of them will have at least one issue where they don’t agree with the former President. That’s what happens in a free society. People make up their own minds. Which must be pretty scary for Democrats right now. Because if BLM rejects their so-called science, the lose quite a demographic among voters.

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