Union Members BOO Chicago Mayor at Event

Democrats cannot win elections without cheating. And the signs all around prove my point.

Take for example the recent booing of Lori Lightfoot. Below is the video captured by somebody attending the event:

Understand that the Plumbers Union Local 130 was the first union to endorse Lightfoot. But apparently they are having buyer’s remorse.

At a fundraiser for the union on Sunday, Lightfoot was met with boos from the crowd after she was introduced on stage.

The Daily Wire reported,

The mayor “spoke for less than a minute. And there was a resounding booing throughout the room,” one reported attendee told the paper.

“Almost deafening … I was sitting at the table with a bunch of plumbers. They’re like, ‘We’ve never heard that before here.’ … Clearly, their membership is not with her. … They were calling her names. It was bad.”

In the video you can clearly hear the booing. And with closer inspection, you can hear one person say, “I knew that was going to happen.” Another seemingly says, “That’s f***ing brutal.”

Still, Leftists must spin the truth. And as the article continues, you get an idea of how union spinmasters discuss the incident:

Plumbers Union Local 130 recording secretary Pat McCarthy admitted that she heard the booing but said Lightfoot was able to finish her remarks, rebutting a notion that she was technically “booed off the stage.”

“I was there when she was speaking,” McCarthy said. “There were a couple of people in the corner that booed. But it was nothing significant. And it didn’t disrupt the event at all.”

“I would have to suspect whoever was booing at that event was not a member of this local,” the recording secretary speculated. “We respect her and we have no problems with the mayor.”

Seriously? A couple of people booed? I’m surprised they didn’t describe the booing as “Let’s go, Lori!”.

While true that the booing didn’t disrupt the event, it proves yet again that people are becoming more vocal to political leaders. But don’t let the truth of what you observe detract from the fake news narratives.

According to Lightfoot’s political director Dave Mellet, what you heard were not necessarily boos.

“I don’t believe that she was, quote-unquote, ‘booed’ at this event,” Mellet told the Sun-Times. “I believe she was well received. There may have been a couple of people in the room who came in there to shout and be loud.”

While Chicago’s crime rate soars, Lightfoot issues unconstitutional vaccine mandates. She puts Chicagoans in harm’s way in an effort to satisfy the wants of a political buffoon. And for this, she is catching pure hell; particularly from other unions.

The mandate affects city services, as many city employees failed to comply. Further, first-responders and particularly police are either leaving the force or disregarding the so-called mandates. This situation has crime in Chicago at dangerous levels.

Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) President John Catanzara said during a Fox News interview that it’s not just his union but first responders, firefighters and labor unions that oppose the mandate. Further, he has instructed officers to file for exemptions to receiving vaccines and provided instructions for what officers should do if given a direct order to report on the city portal their vaccination status.

Catanzara poses such problems for Lightfoot, that they got a judge to grant Chicago’s request for a temporary injunction barring Catanzara from making any public comments that encourage FOP members to disobey the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate until the next hearing on the city’s lawsuit on Oct. 25.

But Catanzara doesn’t need to make public statements. The public statement comes with the crime rate.

I commented recently on happenings at the Magnificent Mile. High-end stores are closing due to crime. When the crown jewel of retail is hit, then things must change. Until then, Lori Lightfoot can expect to be booed or worse; like voted out.

Eventually, Lightfoot will ask herself why she didn’t let Donald Trump clean up her streets. Safety creates one helluva a political platform.


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