Biden Slashes Another Sound Trump Policy

Things just went from bad to worse in one move. As if Biden hasn’t done enough damage so far, he now slashes another Trump policy regarding border security.

This time, Biden rescinded Trump’s rules that effectively limited entry of undocumented immigrants at legal ports of entry. Then, the Administration issued a new set of rules.

According to CNN:

Migrants seeking asylum can present at ports of entry to make their claim, but under the Trump administration, DHS put in place policies limiting the processing of undocumented immigrants, including asylum seekers, at ports. The practice, known as “metering,” essentially created a waitlist to allow people to enter only if the department had the capacity to process and detain them at one of its facilities.
The latest memo, dated November 1, rescinds that policy, but migrants could still be expelled under a Trump-era public health order allowing the swift removal of migrants encountered at the US-Mexico border.
“This memo formally rescinds the Trump Administration’s ‘metering’ policy, which was used to turn back asylum seekers trying to enter ports of entry (POE). The new guidance lays out a vision for the lawful, orderly processing of individuals applying for asylum at POEs. Among other improvements, CBP is directed to accelerate ongoing efforts to digitize processing at POEs and more effectively use data to increase throughput,” US Customs and Border Protection said in a statement.
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Isn’t that interesting? Biden still hasn’t learned his lesson!

Not even two weeks ago, Biden needed the Army to help secure the southern border. Biden practically invited hundreds of thousands of immigrants to make a run for the border. And then he was surprised when the broke through caravan lines and tried to get across illegally.

Of course, these migrants tried the same tricks under President Trump. But Trump met them at the border with a force of reckon. Then, he called upon Mexico to do their part in handling the situation. Guess what happened? Yep, they turned around. Now, they sit back and laugh at the demented clown in charge.

Less than a month ago, Biden made headlines when he vowed to adhere to Trump policies.

NBC News wrote:

After having lost a legal battle, the Biden administration tentatively plans a mid-November restart of a Trump-era policy that forces migrants seeking asylum to wait in Mexico for their U.S. immigration court hearings, according to a court filing late Thursday.

President Joe Biden had ended the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy when he took office this year, saying it was inhumane because of the violence migrants faced waiting in Mexico for their court hearings.

Texas and Missouri sued the Biden administration in April over the suspension of Remain in Mexico, which is formally known as the Migrant Protection Protocols, or MPP. In August, a federal judge in Texas ordered the Biden administration to reinstate the policy pending the outcome of the suit.

It was Biden’s only smart move to date. So what happened? Did Biden’s dementia force a relapse? Perhaps he forgot the reason he wanted to go back to Trump’s plan. Too bad he didn’t forget his moronic idea to give some migrant families compensation of nearly a half-million dollars. It has me wondering how I can go to Mexico, buy a fake ID, and come back illegally.

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