Fauci Raises Eyebrows: I REPRESENT SCIENCE

From the moment Dr. Fauci morphed into the face of the scamdemic, we’ve been lied to. And leftists continue to work their asses off to cover for those lies.

Senators such as Kentucky’s Rand Paul and Texas’ Ted Cruz go head to head with Fauci almost every single time he addresses the public. Recent arguments center around Fauci’s denial of the gain of function research funded by the National Institute of Health.

In fact, Rand Paul recently tore into Fauci for “obfuscating the truth” regarding the gain of function research. Sadly, Fauci only admits that a ‘limited experiment’ was conducted.

According to Fox:

Fauci, during an interview with “Face the Nation,” dismissed opposition by such lawmakers as “noise,” saying they’re “really criticizing science.”

“Anybody who’s looking at this carefully, realizes that there’s a distinct anti-science flavor to this, so if they get up and criticize science, nobody’s going to know what they’re talking about,” Fauci said. “But if they get up and really aim their bullets at Tony Fauci, well people can recognize that there’s a person there, so it’s easy to criticize, but they’re really criticizing science because I represent science.”

Paul took to Twitter Sunday morning to respond to Fauci’s claims, calling it “absolute hubris” for Fauci to declare he represents science.

“It’s astounding and alarming that a public health bureaucrat would even think to claim such a thing, especially one who has worked so hard to ignore the science of natural immunity,” Rand wrote.

Fauci also dismissed a suggestion from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, that he should be prosecuted by the attorney general over his comments about the gain of function research. Cruz tweeted that “It’s a crime to knowingly lie to Congress, so I asked AG Garland if he’d appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Fauci.”

Fauci laughed at the suggestion, asked “What happened on January 6th, senator?” and claimed “you’d have to be asleep” not to believe that Republicans are trying to “scapegoat” him.

Tweeters Weigh In

As always, Twitter brings America’s thoughts to the table.

And my favorite tweet is short, sweet, and to the point.

Just One More Lie

Honestly, from the second the word “coronavirus” entered mainstream America, we’ve been bombarded by one lie after another.

First, we needed masks, then we didn’t. And then, we needed googles. Scuba gear. A Hazmat zip-up or NASA’s top-of-the-line outer-space get-up.

We’ve been told we were safe outdoors, then we needed masks outdoors. And apparently, this virus even possessed the capability to measure six feet, as it was the magical number for safety.

Then there were the faked numbers. Numbers of positive cases were padded again and again. False positives were almost guaranteed using some tests. The truth is hidden behind a firewall so complex it would challenged a world class computer geek on Bill Gates’ level. No wonder Kevin Jackson recently wrote “if you’re breathing, you might have covid.”

Now, a new variant is making the rounds, so expect the lies to pile up once more. But never fear, no matter how many social media platforms try to silence us, our team will still be here to sort out the truth for you. Further, no matter how Fauci tries to sell it, we’ll give it to you straight. There’s just one thing you’ll have to do if you want to stay on top of the answers. Subscribe to us wherever you can. Because you can’t rely on Facebook, Twitter, or even the mainstream news to stick with the truth.



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