JURY Scared to ACQUIT: Rioters Signal Obstruction of Justice

If you spent any time on the fence regarding the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the prosecutor surely cleared things up for you. His actions were plain and simple self-defense.

There’s no other possible conclusion.

Now, let’s just be honest here, because honesty seems to be the one thing our nation truly lacks. I personally wouldn’t want my seventeen-year-old son to willingly step into a situation like Kenosha. My boys are big and strong, they’ve been raised with guns, and they are All-American law and order to the core. And yes, they proudly fly their Trump flags wherever they go. But if they were headed out the door, AR in hand, I’d probably say “this smells a lot like trouble.”

But here’s the flip-side. They could choose not to listen to me, and that’s not against the law. Guess what else isn’t against the law? Kyle’s possession of an assault rifle. For the past year, we’ve been bombarded over and over again with the message that Rittenhouse broke the law by simply carrying the rifle. Yet, as the judge grilled the prosecutor, the state was forced to admit Rittenhouse was well within his legal rights to both possess and carry the weapon.

And that’s not the only point the prosecution made for the defense!

I’ve never seen a prosecutor drive home the defense’s case as much as this prosecutor. This guy is the punchline of every lawyer joke ever told. He might as well carry a glove and say “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit!”

Tucker Carlson weighs in:

Kyle Rittenhouse shot men he believed were trying to kill him. Now, why did Kyle Rittenhouse believe that, you may ask? Well, in one case, the man he shot told him so directly, “I plan to kill you.” Of the other two men Kyle Rittenhouse shot, one repeatedly bashed him in the head with a skateboard as he lay on the ground. The other stuck a loaded gun in his face. So Kyle Rittenhouse fought back in order to save his own life.

We’re not guessing about that, even the prosecution’s witnesses made that point. So once that happened, once Kyle Rittenhouse’s life was threatened on the street in Kenosha, what were his options exactly? Well, he could fight back, or he could allow himself to be murdered by the rioters. And allowing himself to be murdered by the rioters is essentially what the prosecution has argued: Kyle Rittenhouse had a duty to submit to the mob.

Well, that’s lunacy, and no sane jury could agree with that for a second.

Yet, Deliberations continue to drag on.

This case should’ve sat with the jury for 30 minutes, tops.

So the question is why is it taking so long for this jury to produce a very obvious verdict? For answer, look outside the courtroom. There are hundreds of National Guard troops assembled tonight in Kenosha. Why are they there? Well, they’ve come in case Kyle Rittenhouse is acquitted. Not in case he’s convicted, in case he’s acquitted. At which point if he is acquitted, pretty much everyone expects the usual mobs of Joe Biden voters to burn and loot and destroy.

Why does everyone expect this? Because people on the left are openly calling for it. “Now the jury deliberation has begun, I think every city in America should prepare for what could happen if Rittenhouse gets acquitted. It may get RIGHTFULLY unpleasant.” That’s the message from an actual teacher from the state of Indiana on Twitter today and it echoes what many others are saying tonight.

So imagine if you were a juror in this case? How would you feel about this? You’re not sequestered, you know how the country feels. You know what the threats are. Well, you might think twice before you acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse, no matter what the evidence was.

Of course, this is obviously obstruction of justice. If protesters stood outside a trial for Donald Trump, and it threatened to set him free, you can bet leftists would demand the rioters go home.

Remember what happened after Rodney King, they burned Los Angeles to the ground. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for that. You wouldn’t want to spark riots. And of course, that’s the whole point of the exercise. The mob threatens violence, the rest of us tremble, and pretty soon the mob controls our justice system. Pretty soon, the enemies of civilization, which is what they are, are in charge of the country. That’s what’s happening now.

Meanwhile, leftists like Joy Reid pretend these rioters don’t bring on the violence. It’s just the white people who show up after dark.


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