Kamala Harris Sees RACISM in Trees

Proof that Democrats are guano loco, yes bat sh*t crazy, I give you the Biden Administration and all who voted for that fool.

The biggest offender is his so-called VP.

In case you’re wondering about how racist America is, just look at the trees. Yes, even trees need to represented.

While at Goddard Space Center, Harris asked NASA if it could use its satellites to track trees “by race” in various neighborhoods as part of “environmental justice”.


“Can you measure trees — part of that data that you are referring to, [and it’s an issue of] EJ, environmental justice — that you can also track by race their averages in terms of the number of trees in the neighborhoods where people live?”

Harris serves in another inconsequential role chairing the National Space Council. In was there during a recent display on climate change, where Harris was to “see vital climate science work”. Her comments led to online ridicule and the hashtag “Black Trees Matter”.

But Harris’ ignorance and “foot in mouth” disease didn’t end there. Harris met with scientists and engineers to see how Goddard’s space program deals with climate change farce. She reportedly declared, “I truly believe space activity is climate action.”

Climate action? LOL.

When will space become racist? Will we need “Space Justice”, like we need environmental justice? Do neighborhoods without enough trees need reparations?

Should we start a program to force black trees into white tree neighborhoods? And once integration is replaced by organic diversity, we can reverse to re-segregation in favor of letting black trees stand-out.

So many ideas are jumping through my head. But here’s what a few Tweeters wanted to add:

I could go on, but you get the drift. Kamala made herself look like a fool once again. But honestly, that’s what we’ve grown to expect. It’s much harder to find a moment of lucidity when you study the Biden Administration and all it’s players.




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