Kamala Harris Staffers Jumping Ship

I’m shocked that nobody wants to work for Kamala Harris. But the Leftist symbol of feminism–you know, a skank–is having staffing problems.

No surprise there, because in truth who wants to work for a Leftist woman? Not even Leftist women want to work for (or with!) Leftist women. Because Leftist women exhibit toxic masculinity of macho-laced steroids.

Such is the working environment established by Biden’s side-piece and America’s Skank-in-Chief. Which is why Ashley Etienne, Harris’s communication’s director, called it quits.

Hot Air debated whether Etienne jumped or was pushed.

“You can imagine it either way in light of the terrible press the VP’s gotten latelyJumped: Etienne had a nightmare boss and ended up concluding there was no way to serve a retail politician as hapless as her effectively. Was pushed: Harris needed a scapegoat for her own image problem and sent Etienne packing.”

According to Vanity Fair, the answer is neither. They claim that Etienne committed to a year on the job when she joined Harris’s team. But most would call that hedging her bet. Because who would leave a job working for the person next in line to the throne if things were going well?

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As Captain Demento might say, “Pull my finger!”, right before he crop-dusts you with one of his now famous sharts. Because I’m not buying that story.

If Harris were crushing it, Etienne would have become “unavailable” to the commitment she supposedly made. But given the circumstances and her boss, Etienne realized the futility of cheating Harris into office in 2024.

Back to the drawing board for Etienne and Democrats. Especially if they think the American public will tolerate another Big Cheat.

So Etienne played the game. Now she’s “pursuing other commitments;” the equivalent of disgraced politicians “taking time off to be with family.”

But Etienne is only the first sign of blood in the water for Harris. CNN noted recently that “several people on Harris’ staff had started to reach out to contacts [recently] to say they’re looking to leave, according to sources who’ve gotten calls.”

Certainly nobody is surprised by this. And the same is true of Democrats in general.

Understand that in Trump’s last victory in 2020, he got over 16 million more votes that in 2016. And you can bet most of those voters were Democrats impressed with the man. Further, even fake news polls bear out that Biden-Harris is deader than disco. And so is their party.

I say often on my radio show that Democrats can’t win without cheating. Even their own people know this. And some are smart enough to quietly leave the cult to “pursue other commitments.”

I welcome Etienne to Conservatism, though she won’t openly admit to shopping. Indeed, she left the darkness. Thus, she quietly begins to see the light.

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