Voters Tell Nancy Pelosi You’re NEXT

Democrats need to up their electioneering game. Because voters in Virginia sent a warning shot over the bow.

Just as Trump upended the hierarchy, so did Virginia voters. And not by just winning the governor’s race. Virginians let the Democrats know that they have had enough.

Along with taking over the top seat in the state, Republicans got an added bonus, as Democrat leaders in Virginia conceded that Republicans rule the roost.

After completing a sweep of the state’s elections this week by capturing the governorship, attorney general’s office, and lieutenant governorship, Republicans also regained the statehouse.

As AP reported.

“House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn issued a statement acknowledging the GOP majority shortly after Democratic Del. Martha Mugler conceded defeat in a tight race against Republican challenger A.C. Cordoza in the 91st House district, located in Virginia’s Hampton Roads region. With Mugler’s concession, Republicans now expect control over 51 seats in the 100-member chamber.”

Don’t think this type of overthrow will be limited to Virginia if Democrats don’t cheat. And they will.

One can only imagine what Nancy Pelosi is considering at this point. I can see the maps in Democrat war rooms around the country. Secure communications linking them all, as the elitist pukes discuss how to cheat en masse.

And you can bet the companies who manufacture votes…I mean, “vote cheating machines” will be part of the strategy.

Because, as I say often on my radio show and elsewhere, Democrats can’t win elections without cheating.

Democrat losers issued a statement after getting their asses kicked: Filler-Corn said in part:

We spent this election cycle talking about the issues we championed and highlighting the tremendous progress we have made while in the majority. Unfortunately, the headwinds were too strong, and the maps drawn by the previous majority presented a challenge that was too great to overcome. …

While the results of the election were not in our favor, our work for the people of Virginia goes on. I will work to provide a smooth transition for the incoming speaker, and our Democratic caucus will work with the new majority in the House of Delegates and the governor’s administration to serve the best interests of all Virginians.

Smooth transition? Sure. Just like Obama’s was to Trump?

Just go. And let the sane people back in the driver’s seat. Or get kicked out of the car.

The New York Times highlighted how Democrats were decimated in small towns throughout Virginia:

In 2008, there were only four small Virginia counties where Republicans won 70 percent or more of the vote in that year’s presidential race. Nowhere was the party above 75 percent. This year, Mr. Youngkin was above 70 percent in 45 counties — and he surpassed 80 percent in 15 of them.

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That’s an astounding statistic. And it speaks to many things, including the asinine notion that Biden beat Trump.

In the time of Baby Black Jesus, Republicans rallied to win only 4 counties. Post-Obama and during the Era of Biden–supposedly the most popular president ever–the Republicans win 45 (that’s exponentially more than in 2008).

Further, 15 counties registered over 80 percent Republican. For those curious, Virginia has 95 counties, and almost half voted solidly Republican. 16 percent of them voted overwhelmingly Republican. This may not seem like a big deal, until you juxtapose it with  what happened in 2008.

Democrats see the warning signs.  The former Montana Democrat Governor Steve Bullock said:

“Look at some of those rural counties in Virginia as a wake-up call. Folks don’t feel like we’re offering them anything, or hearing or listening to them.”

Further, Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL) lamented:

“It’s not sustainable for our party to continue to tank in small-town America. We’ve got a branding problem as Democrats in way too many parts of our country.”

Democrats believe they have a branding problem. But it’s not a problem of optics whatsoever. The bottom line is that Democrats have a policy problem. And no solutions in sight.




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