$100 Billion STOLEN from Wuflu Scam

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the government stole $6 trillion from American taxpayers during this fake “emergency” surrounding the Wuflu.

And that’s just for starters, because the tab remains open.

But now we are getting to the fun part of this propaganda. We learn that the “criminals” stole $100 billion. That’s less that 2 percent of what the REAL criminals–the politicians and world elitists– stole.

Here’s the story from CNBC:

Criminals have stolen close to $100 billion in pandemic relief funds, the U.S. Secret Service said Tuesday.

The stolen funds were diverted by fraudsters from the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program, the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program and a another program set up to dole out unemployment assistance funds nationwide.

More than $2.3 billion in stolen funds have been recovered so far, resulting in the arrest of more than 100 suspects who span the spectrum from individuals to organized groups, according to the agency. The government has shelled out about $3.5 trillion in Covid relief money since early 2020, when the pandemic began.

The Secret Service, which specializes in financial fraud in addition to its better-known role in presidential protection, also announced the appointment of a new national pandemic fraud recovery coordinator to oversee its sprawling investigations into the enormous number of fraud cases resulting from all that theft.

How slick is this! The media want us to be outraged at the theft of $100 billion.

Americans have been set on a course. We now expect the FBI and other law enforcement to go get those evil crooks.

But you know who won’t get arrested?

Big Pharma execs peddling poison to the citizenry. In fact, they all got “get out of jail free” cards. Nor will the bureaucrat frauds like Fauci or the feckless Biden.

Consider how much “vaccine” was supposedly manufactured. More than enough to shoot all Americans multiple times over. Much was tainted, then thrown away.

Biden brags about making much more than we need, then giving it to the world. The humanitarian, right? I’d check Hunter’s travel logs and The Biden Foundation donations list before I let Biden off the hook.

We learned that placebos were actually more effective than actual vaccines. Interestingly, placebos killed or maimed nobody.

So we know that vaccines don’t work that well. Less than placebos, and certainly less than the body’s natural immunity after having contracted a disease.

Worse with the new Xi-omicron variant, the vaccines don’t work AT ALL.

Thankfully omicron is about as deadly as the common cold, or all the vaxxed would be f*cked worse than what they are.


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