Bidenflation DESTROYED Retail Numbers

Leftists love to piss on you, then tell you its raining. Well, just don’t drink their “rain”.

In yet another media gloss over, fake news outlets regale us with retail shopping numbers. One report reads:

Holiday retail sales across the US surged to their biggest yearly increase in 17 years — despite recent disruptions from the Omicron outbreak and persistent supply-chain snags that have dogged retailers.

Sound like Joe Biden rescued Christmas, right? NOT!

The article continues,

Shoppers scooped up clothing, jewelry and electronics despite surging prices in all three categories, driving up sales between Nov. 1 and Dec. 24 by 8.5% compared with 2020, according to the MasterCard SpendingPulse survey. They were up 10.7% versus the pre-pandemic 2019 holiday season.

People soaked up products due to the lack of products. And boy did people pay dearly for these products.

That 8.5% and 10.7% were consumed by Bidenflation like Java the Hut popping a tic-tac.

Still, we get the Leftist version, as the article suggest other reasons for the numbers:

While a strong job market and rising wages fueled the jump, some experts said surging inflation — which has jacked up prices on jewelry, apparel and electronics in addition to gas and groceries — also helped goose the figures. The MasterCard survey includes online spending and restaurant purchases, but excludes autos and gasoline.

Gotta love the spin. “Helped goose the figures”.

The only reason why the figures rose is due to the “goosed” figures on every product out there.

Put another way, do you remember the days when retailers enticed you to their stores due to sales? Now, their inducement is “You better get here quickly, before we sell out at ridiculously high prices!”

But what cracks me up most is the idea of a “surge” in online sales. Given that the country remains mostly locked down, one would expect a surge. But that didn’t happen, as the article suggests:

Online sales were up 11% from a year ago and 61% from 2019, before the pandemic sent shoppers hunkering down at home en masse, according to the survey. This holiday season, e-commerce made up 20.9% of total retail sales, up from 20.6% in 2020 and 14.6 % in 2019.

With the lockdowns and fearmongering, one would think online sales would have increased at least 20%+ during the scamdemic. But let’s look at the numbers.

Biden’s online sales gained 0.3% over last year. That’s less than a 2% gain. An order of magnitude off Trump’s gains year over year during his entire presidency.

I remind you: this was during an almost nationwide lockdown that included people buying groceries and ordering takeout online.

And what of the “smash and grab” shoppers wo pocket s small fortune

This performance is pathetic from any point of view. Yet the Biden administration acts as if Biden saved Christmas. Using that logic, the president saved Christmas after he stole it and torched it.

But Biden does come baring gifts. He gave America a NEW mandate. An INFLATION MANDATE!

Because whether you like it or not, prices on everything Americans buy went up astronomically. And these clowns in DC brag about these numbers.

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