Biden’s Surgeon General Says WEAR YOUR MASK

Once again, the Biden Administration proves to be riddled with false information. In this latest quote, the Surgeon General says vaccinated or not, you need your mask.

So let’s just recap for a moment. Getting vaccinated does not keep you from getting covid. Further, getting vaccinated isn’t a one and done shot- it requires more boosters than McDonalds sells French fries. And for the biggest ouch of all, being vaccinated doesn’t free you from those pesky little germ collecting masks leftists want you to decorate your face with.

For those of you feeling confused, you’re not alone. Leftists have long said one of the many benefits of getting vaccinated is that you can ditch the mask. Now, surprise, Democrats want to renege on that particular promise.

One has to wonder if some big mask maker made a complaint, aka donation, to the administration?

Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci made a stunning admission.

For quite some time, we’ve pointed out the fact that illegal migrants are admitted into this country, even while testing positive for covid. If that doesn’t highlight the fact that the government knows covid isn’t dangerous, I don’t know what does.

In fact, migrants aren’t forced into vaccinating. Nor are they quarantined. A few months ago, I pointed out that immigrants get special, preferential treatment when they disregard our laws and put our safety at risk. In a conversation with Hannity, Ted Cruz dialed into the hypocrisy.

TED CRUZ: “Well, look, you are exactly right, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a political problem. Their political problem is their policies on the border have produced an absolute catastrophe, absolute chaos, 2 million people expected to cross illegally this year, and you get children being physically assaulted, sexually assaulted, you have women being raped, you have Covid positivity rates — at the Biden cages in south Texas, the Covid positivity rates, when I was last down there, three or four weeks ago, were 24%.

And they have no solution because they have made a promise to the radical open-borders left that they won’t enforce the law, so their only answer is hide it. So there is a reason why you are seeing flights at 2:30 in the morning, at 4:00 in the morning, because they want to hide it and they are counting on the corrupt corporate media to be complicit in covering it up.”

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Imagine that, the liberal media are willing to hide the ugly truth from us, just to protect the incompetent president.

While Fauci doesn’t have a solution for illegals carrying the WuFlu, he recommends locking down citizens and mandating vaccines.

Isn’t that interesting? Illegals deserve the red carpet rollout and the keys to the castle while citizens need Nazi rule over their lives. Hitler would be so proud. Especially considering that Fauci admits one fundamental truth. No matter what you do to prevent viruses, they will happen. Eventually we all get the flu, the Wuflu, and the COMMON cold.

Worse yet, they pretend the vaccine is a cure, a preventative, when really it’s just an assault on the immune system. A death poke, as Kevin Jackson coined it. But leftists will continue to blindly follow the Biden Administration’s ridiculous recommendations. And even when their own fall victim to the vaccination hoax, leftists continue to drink the Kool-Aid, doubling down even.

It’s quite amusing really, that they did all this work to take their masks off, and now, they still need to wear them while getting booster after booster of the death poke. Definitely not the common sense conservatives rely on.

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