BREAKING: Chris Wallace LEAVES Fox News for CNN

Chris Cuomo might have bragging rights. I say this in reference to a move the network made to replace him.

In what some might ask, “What took so long?!”, Chris Wallace is leaving Fox News. And yes, he is headed to CNN.

Long-time “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace is leaving the network after nearly two decades, he announced Sunday. He will be joining CNN as an anchor for its new streaming service, CNN+.

Why it matters: Known for his impartiality and tough interviews, Wallace was the bedrock of the network’s hard news division, commanding respect from political leaders on both sides of the aisle, even at a time when cable news has become much more polarizing.

Details: In a press release, CNN said Wallace will anchor a “new weekday show will contribute to CNN+’s slate of original, live programming and will be available at launch.”

“I am thrilled to join CNN+,” Wallace said in a statement announcing the news.

    • “I look forward to the new freedom and flexibility streaming affords in interviewing major figures across the news landscape—and finding new ways to tell stories,” he said.

Apparently, Chris Wallace was waiting in the wings for Chris Cuomo’s demise. And while I have no love lost for Fock Snooze, I will say that moving from Fox to CNN is a step down.

Under the circumstances, I’m sure Wallace got a fat raise. After all, CNN found itself in a bit of a lurch with Cuomo’s demise. And who knows who might be next, Don Lemon?

Regarding style, Fox News got much more conservative, and CNN became more of what it is: Leftist.

I remember when Alison Camarota departed Fox News, she immediately let her true colors show. I did an interview with her, where I clipped her wings when she challenged my view on an issue related to Ferguson.

Previously I was in the studio in New York where she and Kilmeade were talking, and I noted how her conversation sounded a bit “left”. Sure enough, when she landed at CNN, she “came out”, as it were.

Don’t worry. No coming out party needed for Chris Wallace. As he indicated, he will be unbridled in his attack on Trump and his deference to Joey Demento.

Who will Fox News get to replace Chris Wallace? Wouldn’t it be interesting if they offered the job to Chris Cuomo?




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