How Waukesha Would Have Been Handled Under Trump

One can easily play games with Leftists in almost any tragic scenario.

For example, if Michael Brown, Jr. had been a white kid, you wouldn’t know anything about the city of Ferguson. Also, former police officer turned convict Derek Chauvin would be a free man, if George Floyd were white instead of a drugged-up black man trying to pass funny money.

Such are the times. And such is the media, hungry for “controversy.”

But it’s not just ethnicity that causes consternation among Leftists. For instance, Hunter Biden.

If Hunter were a Trump, he’d be in prison; or have already been executed by firing squad. But Leftists and their media minions ignore Hunter’s obvious illegal activities, as well as those of his father.

Speaking of Joey Demento, he benefits from a complicit “new” normal in politicizing tragedy.

In the most recent example, a black man plowed over white people in Waukesha. There will be no outrage by the Left for such actions. Quite the contrary in fact.

News reports at first claimed that the man was running from the law and didn’t target Christmas parade-goers in the Wisconsin city. That information was patently false.

If the man had been white and ran over black celebrants, the media would have looked for ties to white supremacy groups. Further analysis would have connected this man to Donald Trump by six degrees of separation.

If the man who bulldozed dozens of innocent people had been white, Democrats would have looked at the justice system that allowed a repeat [Trump-supporting-Republican] offender out with only $1,000 bail.

As for Biden, you can bet that if the scenario were as described he would fly Air Force One to Waukesha to race-pimp. But since a black man mowed down white people, we learn that Biden has better things to do.

Peter Doocy reveals this while questioning Captain Demento’s press secretary:

“Since [Biden] said that this administration is monitoring the situation in Waukesha closely, it has revealed…the assailant swerved his truck side-to-side to run over as many people as possible…Why hasn’t [he] visited the members of this Christmas parade attack?”

Doocy: “Since the President said that this administration is monitoring the situation in Waukesha closely, it has been revealed by prosecutors that the assailant — the assailant swerved his truck side to side as part of an intentional act to run over as many people as possible,” a reporter said at Monday’s White House press briefing. “Six people are dead. Some children remain hospitalized.”

“Why hasn’t the President visited the members of this Christmas parade attack?”

Psaki gave the political answer to the question. But note that she never really answers it, except to say it would be inconvenient:

Psaki: “Well, I would say first: As you saw the President convey last week, our hearts go out to this community, to the people in Waukesha; that we’ve been in touch, obviously, with officials there; and we’re all watching as people are recovering. And this is such a difficult time of year for this to happen. It’s difficult anytime”.

“Obviously, any President going to visit a community requires a lot of assets, requires taking their resources, and it’s not something that I have a trip previewed at this plan- — point in time, but we remain in touch with local officials. And certainly, our hearts are with the community as they’ve gone through such a difficult time.”

A difficult time?

How does Psaki and Biden think the families are handling this?

And what of the racial implications? Can white people feel safe when this type of blatant crime is allowed to happen?

Truthfully, Biden can’t do anything in Waukesha about the deaths or other injuries. But he could heal the nation. He could say to Americans that crimes of this nature will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He could put Americans on notice that we will all be treated the same, regardless of ethnicity, gender, and so on.

But Biden can’t do this, as he is compromised. Biden is now the biggest fraud in America, a benefactor of a two-tiered justice system and a one party disaster.

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