It’s Not Over Yet: Smollett Promises to Appeal

Someone call the Supreme Court. Because finding a guilty man guilty is, well, not something a leftist can accept.

Just to recap, Smollett was a half-rate actor looking for a raise. So he concocted a scheme with a few Nigerian American brothers to attack him. After beating him up and pouring bleach on him, Smollett ran to the police claiming to be the victim of a few gun-toting, NRA loving, white supremacist Trump supporters.

The police wasted an exuberant amount of money and manpower searching for these attackers, and when they finally figured it all out, Smollett cried foul. He actually claimed he didn’t know the brothers, while simultaneously texting them messages of solidarity. At least that’s the Cliff’s Notes version.

The guilty verdict was practically guaranteed from the start. And the low-rent performer positioned himself perfectly to land a jail sentence. But do you think Smollett threw in the towel?

Promise to Appeal

Perhaps the only thing funnier than watching a lying leftist brought to justice is witnessing their desperate attempts to remain in denial.

And that’s exactly what Smollett now does. As CNN reported:

Nenye Uche, Jussie Smollett’s attorney, said he “respectfully disagrees” with the jury’s verdict, adding that he feels “100% confident” that Smollett’s case will be won on appeal.

“He [Smollett] is 100% confident that this will be reversed on appeal,” Uche said. “At the end of the day, we believe justice will prevail. We don’t believe it was done today but we’re very confident that he will be cleared and he will be found to be innocent.”

Uche said Smollett is disappointed but emphasized that his team remains confident in Smollett’s innocence and said he is hopeful to get a “fair result” in appellate court.

Holy Mary Mother of Empire, this fool doesn’t realize he lost!

While Smollett thinks he’ll eventually escape his consequences, his sentencing hearing promises to be his most memorable appearance yet.

Of course, topping Smollett’s time on the stand will be pretty tough. Recall, he admitted to going to a bathhouse and masturbating with one of the very brothers he also claims not to know. Talk about strangers in the dark.

Lucky for us, juries of recent weeks are making stellar decisions. Rittenhouse is free. And Smollett is on the cutting board. Metaphorically, of course. I’d hate for him to feel threatened by a constitution supporting, Trump loving white conservative.

But if Smollett is wondering where his biggest fans are hiding, I found a few of them on Twitter.

Maybe Smollett should consider taking the Hillary Clinton path from loser to failed author. It looks like the Babylon Bee might be interested in Smollett’s side of the story. That’s gotta be worth a few bucks, right?

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