Joey Demento and His Excuses for Bidenflation

No matter how hard you try, you will never find a redeeming quality about Joe Biden. What you will find is a man who lives in dementia-denial while painting himself as the anti-Trump crusader tasked with saving America.

Just watch as Biden again fumbled the ball. I’m surprised no one “accidentally” killed his feed. Perhaps his handlers are among the millions of Americans suffering from “buyer’s remorse,” thus they purposely let the President ramble on in hopes of expediting his exit from the Oval Office. Hey, it’s Christmas. A girl can dream, right?

If this video isn’t enough to prove the man has mental problems, I don’t know what it.

Consider Biden’s performance:

First, the muttering through thoughts, as if he’s not fully committed to his next statement. Second, his completely fake demeanor, suggesting he’s the “concerned father” type. Last, but certainly not least, the fact that none of his ideas represent reality.

And I quote:

“The downside is, prices have gone up because of supply chain concerns. We’ve worked hard on the supply chain concerns. I think you’re going to see — you’ve already begun to see and you’re going to see over the next couple of months, oil prices, gas prices of gas pump come down. The biggest — one of the — a third of the increase in inflation is used automobiles. So, I mean, it is a real problem. But the point is that has to do with supply chain as well, but it also has to do with the fact that not everybody’s looking for used automobile, but those who are, they’re paying higher prices because there’s fewer of them, because of Covid and what was sold out and the like.

So I think it’s, it really is — it’s a real bump in the road, it does affect families. When you walk into a grocery store and you’re paying more for whatever you’re purchasing, it matters. It matters to people. When you’re paying more for gas, although in some states we’ve got the price down below $3 a gallon. But the point is, it’s not gone down quickly enough. But I think it will.”

Hmmm. Last I checked, gas was hitting nine-year highs. My most recent fill-up was a whopping $82. Exactly double the price I paid when I first bought in, during the Trump Administration. Do you think that was a natural response to the oil industry? Nope. It’s the result of piss-poor legislation, such as canceling the Keystone Pipeline.

Biden destroyed the energy independence Trump built just to stand opposite of his nemesis.

And don’t let him fool you into thinking Biden’s a friend of the environment. Because Biden’s hypocrisy shines bright like a diamond when you consider Biden’s stance on the Russian Pipeline.

As Energy Wire put it, Biden made a GRAVE MISTAKE.

Republicans had already accused Biden of hypocrisy for shutting down the Keystone XL oil pipeline early in his tenure while waiving sanctions on the Russian pipeline. Biden had called Nord Stream 2 “a complicated issue affecting our allies in Europe.”

Merkel supports the pipeline to help meet her country’s energy needs, but Republicans say they fear Russia will become the preferred energy provider for Western Europe while also boxing out exports from Ukraine.

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Isn’t that convenient? Biden has the opportunity to further wound the Ukraine.

But who am I to speculate a personal vendetta might be icing on the cake here.

“The president is giving Russia a new geopolitical weapon,” said Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), who called the deal “a grave mistake” during a Senate Foreign Relations meeting yesterday. “Russia uses energy as a geopolitical weapon to coerce and to manipulate.” He warned it would double Europe’s reliance on Russian energy and funnel more money to Moscow.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called the pledge from Germany, “on its face, incredibly weak.” And he accused the State Department of releasing the details at 9 p.m. German time to mitigate pushback from that country’s Green Party, which has vowed to block the pipeline.

Cruz, who questioned top State Department official Victoria Nuland during a hearing yesterday, called the deal “a complete and total capitulation by President Biden to Putin” and said that “decades from now, future Russian dictators will be reaping billions of dollars of benefits annually from Joe Biden’s mistake and will be using that pipeline to exert economic blackmail on Europe.”

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) accused Biden of not being tough enough on Russia. “We’re gift wrapping Putin’s pet project for the same guy who hasn’t done anything to stop cybercriminals and ransomware attacks against the U.S. — even after the administration warned them,” Sasse said, alluding to a string of recent cyberattacks on U.S. targets that have been linked to Russia. “President Biden needs to back up his tough talk with real actions that protect America — and our network of allies in Europe — but this isn’t it.”

Environmental groups, too, knocked the bilateral agreement.

“The completion of Nord Stream 2 will entrench the reliance on gas for decades to come when the climate science tells us we must be immediately transitioning away from all fossil fuels,” said Kate DeAngelis, an international finance program manager at Friends of the Earth.

“Instead the Biden administration should have worked with Germany and Ukraine to support renewable projects in the region,” added DeAngelis in a statement.

To be clear, I consider myself a friend to Mother Nature. When I go camping or take my kids to the lake, we pick up trash others left behind. I don’t let anyone litter from my vehicle. And I recycle. But I’m also not braindead. I understand that we can’t steer away from fossil fuels completely.

Just this past summer, California was desperately begging electric car owners to refrain from charging their cars as much as possible. Apparently, the drain on the power grid was way too much for California to support. Imagine the damper that puts on the old-fashioned Sunday drive.

Of course, oil and gas is only one sliver of the Bidenflation phenomenon.

There’s also the scamdemic, rising grocery prices, and the toll of unemployment coupled with outrageous government benefits. Yet, the President continues to promise his plan “builds back better.” Because “Make America Great Again” is something every democrat fights against. Especially if they’re a President in bed with China, sold like cheap art on the side of the highway.



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