Kamala Crying: Let’s Go Brandon More Popular

You can tell a lot about a person by what they search for on the internet. And the same is true for a country. And judging by America’s search history, we’ve got quite a bit to say about the worst VP in history.

So much so that “Let’s Go, Brandon!” musters a lot more searches than “Kamala Harris” does. However, she was able to inch ahead as more press surrounds her pathetic performance so far.

Fox News explains:

According to Google Trends, “Let’s go, Brandon,” reached its peak popularity in web search inquiries on Nov. 1, one month after the slogan, which really means “F— Joe Biden,” took the internet by storm.

Between Oct. 5 and Nov. 8, the phrase consistently beat Harris in web search inquiries. Harris saw a spike in searches on Nov. 19, the biggest surge since she was sworn in, after President Biden briefly transferred presidential power to her while undergoing a colonoscopy under anesthetic. Since then, “Let’s go, Brandon,” has remained relatively neck-and-neck with Harris in Google search inquiries as of Thursday.

When broken down over the last 30 days, the search data shows the top three related searches for Harris are “Kamala Harris cookware,” “Kamala Harris acting president,” and “Kamala Harris Supreme Court.”

The top related searches for “Let’s go, Brandon” were “Let’s go, Brandon Urban Dictionary,” “Let’s go, Brandon store,” and “Let’s go, Brandon coin.”

I’m sure that’s a hit to the President’s ego. That is, if he remembers what an ego is. Of course, if you’re looking for your own “Let’s Go, Brandon” apparel, look no further than the Kevin Jackson Network. We’ve got your choice of t-shirts, hoodies, hats and more! But I digress.

The President showed up in Kentucky to survey the deadly tornado damage, but he wasn’t greeted with cheers and happy faces. Instead, Biden  faced chants of “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

Hopefully, Democrats see these crowds as a sign that Biden can’t win 2024. Sadly, they think Harris is the natural next in line.

FNN Continues:

The president’s age and plummeting approval ratings have caused Democratic strategists to set their sights on Harris, who has faced allegations of fostering a toxic work environment since she assumed office less than a year ago. A recent exodus of top staffers from the vice president’s office has only fueled the rumors.

CNN reported last month that “many in the vice president’s circle fume” that Harris is not being “adequately prepared or positioned, and instead is being sidelined” in her role as vice president.

Harris attempted an image-boosting interview with her hometown newspaper, talking about how her “responsibility as an elected leader is to go to the people.” But it didn’t do her any favors, especially considering that Harris evaded questions regarding the staffers that have jumped ship. Further, she wouldn’t even say if she’s (A) learned anything so far, or (B) if she has any regrets about her performance.

Let me answer for her, since Kamala refuses to speak up. No, she hasn’t learned a thing. Because leftists don’t like to learn from their mistakes. And she doesn’t have any regrets, because again, having regrets requires an intelligence Harris simply lacks.

Moreover, the polls aren’t looking too kindly at the VP these days.

Meanwhile, a Hill/HarrisX survey published Tuesday reported that 50% of registered voters disapprove of Harris performance so far, while 43% approve and 7% were unsure.

The only thing worse are Joe Biden’s polls numbers. His approval rating will likely land in the negatives sooner than later.

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