Merry Wokesmas! And a Leftist New Year

Have you noticed that everyone says “Holiday” party these days? Even supposed conservatives use this greeting instead of Merry Christmas.

The funny thing about this is some of the other holidays aren’t around Christmas this year. Hanukkah ended on December 6th, and Ramadan was in April! The only holidays left are the ‘rebellion’ holidays. Kwanza, Festivus, Saturnalia, “winter holiday”… The only reason most people celebrate these outlier celebrations is to show their disapproval of Christmas.

So why does no one seem to care about this? With no actual proof other than observation, it appears that people are just worn down. Leftists are relentless, and most of culture is run by them. News, Movies, Sitcoms, everything! There are alternatives, (thank you for using this one), but by and large, most of it is run by the left. As a result, kids grow up with the constant proselytizing, making the message seem normal. It’s taken several generations, but we now seem to have fruition.

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Surprisingly, this push goes back to at least 1947, with Everson v Board of Education.

Personally, I thought these crises of conscious were of the emerging generations, but no. It started 75 years ago. This is where Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, and noted member of the KKK, brought in his distortion of Thomas Jefferson’s “Wall of Separation”. This phrase from Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists is now referred to as the separation of Church and State. The premise for E v B was the removal of prayer in schools by New Jersey using taxpayer money to bus students to Catholic schools, but from this little phrase came a bad side effect, and that has caused immeasurable harm to the country.

There have been several fights over the years from this little opinion. The removal of the Ten Commandments from a courthouse in Alabama in 2003, and The Freedom From Religion Foundation using the notion of Separation as a cudgel to wreak havoc on our country.

But nature abhors a vacuum. There is a national religion.

Our respected religion is wokeness. Atheism, Leftism… These are the country’s religions now. The result of pushing against religion through the Separation of Church and State (which is not in the Constitution) is that it destroys the actual first amendment right to freedom of religion.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

Every removal of religion by law is prohibiting the free exercise thereof. What’s more, by forcing out all mentions of God in everything, congress is respecting a religion, Governmental Atheism- totally destroying the point of the first amendment. What exactly was that point? Letting people worship in peace without state persecution, like in the old countries from which the settlers first emerged.

So instead of hoping for a savior in the form of Jesus, we hope for a savior in ‘Build Back Better’ and ‘The Green New Deal.’ Instead donating to charity we have CRT and the halt of student loan repayments. Instead of getting together because we want to, we have to rely on Saint Fauci to see if it’s permitted.

Instead of Christ, we have Woke. So Merry Wokesmas to all, and to all, just vote RIGHT!

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