Trump will run in 2024 and Trump will WIN

Please allow me to end speculation on the GOP Republican candidate for 2024. It’s Donald Trump.

God willing, that is. Because the only thing that will stop Trump from running and winning is if God takes him out.

And for those who say we need somebody different, you’re wrong. Trump is the ideal candidate for 2024.

First, Trump knows the job. Moreover, he knows it well. Save the nonsense of speedy vaccines, Trump’s first pass at the presidency was stellar on about all accounts. He didn’t have nearly the on-the-job training that most presidents need, as he was amply qualified due mostly to his business acumen.

Also in knowing the job, Trump now knows that he will get no favors from Democrats or Republicans. He realizes that he was part of an almost one-party system that destroyed him in a coup.

Who better to drain the swamp, than the guy who got drowned in the swamp by swamp dwellers?

Trump can approach his second term, bare knuckles. Frankly, millions of Americans hope that a vindictive Trump does more than actually live up to promises, but also kick some Leftist ass.

As for the second reason Trump is the best candidate for 2024, the man will have been de facto president for 4 years; a Trumpian pain in the ass of Joey Demento. Trump still commands an audience, no matter what media he does. And given Biden’s demise–which will continue–Trump will be well-positioned for “I told you so!”.

Why Trump will win in 2024

Democrats stacked the deck against Trump in every way. But their tactics put them on notice. They chose Joey Demento as a last resort; the other candidates so horrific, they dare not pretend Buttigieg for example got 81 million votes.

Nobody believes Biden did either, but at least people knew who that feckless clown was. But who is their next Biden? Kamala Harris? Buttigieg, the Department of Transportation Secretary who went to breast-feed his newly adopted child…during the middle of a supply-chain crisis?

In a field of about 50 Democrats, their party couldn’t find anybody who could beat Trump, so the chose the best candidate to cheat Trump. America didn’t buy it, so Democrats cooked up Jan 6. And that backfired, with more to come as Democrats continue down this suicidal path.

All this to say that Democrats can’t muster up enough votes in 2024 to cheat Trump again. Once Trump wins the GOP nomination, he will regain 98 percent of the Republican vote, 80+ percent of the Independent vote and 40 percent of the Democrat vote.

While Trump deserves much of the credit for maintaining his popularity, Democrats did him a huge unintentional favor with The Big Cheat. They placed the biggest moron in the history of politics at the helm. Keep in mind that Joe Biden is the same guy who put his crackhead son in charge of the family business.

Trump picked up at least 16 million new votes in 2024. Any guesses as to how many he will pick up in 2024? I’d add another 10 million to that number.  Thus his re-election will blow out the fake numbers posted by Biden in The Big Cheat.

Aside from the Trumpmania that continues and Biden’s pathetic performance, Trump has another advantage. Democrat lies have been exposed.

Russian collusion by Trump proved to be a lie. This hasn’t stopped Adam Schiff from continuing the lie. But when you consider if Schiff will win in the battle of public opinion, think “Jussie Smollett”. The more Democrats lie, the more they chase that 10 million new Trump voters to the right.

Russian collusion aside, Democrats have much more mud on their faces.

For example, the Cuomo brothers who slapped the #MeToo movement in the face. Revelations about the aforementioned “Crackhead” Biden, and what awaits his next laptop drop.

And what about the lies surrounding the Wuflu. It’s not as deadly as touted, and never should have shut down the economy, repetitively. People are waking up to these lies. And some even realize that the lies are more than lies. They are life-altering lies.

Trump’s Trump Card

Unlike Joey Demento, whom Democrats saddle with a VP of skank proportions, Trump will actually choose his running mate. Bet the farm that it won’t be Mike Pence.

Pence showed no loyalty, and frankly is as interesting as dust on the window sill.

You can also bet the farm that Florida will need a new governor, as Trump will pick Ron DeSantis as his running mate. And this is the best ticket in the history of Republicans and possibly the Republic.

DeSantis brings Florida solidly to the Trump camp. No worries about carrying that state. Further, a Trump-DeSantis ticket sets DeSantis up for his 8-year reign as president.

A battle-tested Republican governor would ensure 12 solid years of sanity for America. And don’t think Democrats aren’t aware of this dream ticket.

So I suggest Florida look at a succession plan for their governor. And I suggest Pelosi and Schumer change the titles on their business cards.


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