Trump’s Tweets: Look at This Biden Administration Clown

Although most Conservative Americans loved Trump’s tweets, the fake news media declared otherwise. But if you did think Trump’s tweets were bad, take a look at this Biden administration clown.

As The New York Post reported,

White House chief of staff Ron Klain was slammed on Twitter Sunday after sharing an opinion piece arguing that 2021 “wasn’t all bad.”

The article, written by Albert Hunt — a former Wall Street Journal reporter and former executive editor of Bloomberg News — was published by The Hill Sunday morning with the headline: “Let’s Be Honest: 2021 Wasn’t All Bad.”

Klain, known for drawing ire on social media for various hot takes, tweeted a link to the article Sunday evening, adding: “A look back at 2021!”

Hunt led off his “good news” by calling the departure of former President Donald Trump from the White House the “most positive development of 2021″ and describing the 45th president’s administration as “‘The Godfather’ without the skill.”

Imagine that. After looking at 2021, the Biden administration has some nerve.

They began their coup with border issues that Trump essentially fixed. Now an additional 2 million illegals entered America; with no end in sight. Then, undoing Trump’s hard work became Biden’s mission in life, no matter how many solid policies he destroys, such as re-joining the Paris Accord.

I won’t bore you with Biden’s other issues, except to mention one word: Bidenflation.

 Leave it to Biden’s team to try to polish a turd. The article continues,

The author also highlighted a drop in the unemployment rate, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the bipartisan tributes to the late Sen. Bob Dole, and a “scandal-free” presidential administration.

Talk about reaching for a lifeline!? And to mention Afghanistan as a plus? The worse pull out in world history, and Biden’s team says, “It wasn’t all bad”.

Worse, how does Bob Dole’s death play into whatever Biden has accomplished or not accomplished? The idea that he touts that as an accomplishment tells you all you need to know.

And how about taking that page from Obama’s playbook. No scandals? I guess if you don’t count selling out to the Chinese as a scandal. Or perhaps you can ignore Hunter Biden’s activities? Shouldn’t lying about the severity of covid variants count? How ’bout trying to ruin Christmas? Or destroy New Year’s Eve? The list is too long to write out. However, when it comes to community outreach, the Biden administration has made quite an impact. People shout these chants around the world. Where Trump was greeted with three little letters: U.S.A., U.S.A., Biden’s met with just three little words: Let’s Go Brandon.




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