Exposed Secret Documents PROVE Fauci Lied

How long before all the world knows that Fauci is the fraud I’ve called him for the better part of a year?

This little troll has controlled Americans for far too long. Soon anybody connected with him will have a stench that can’t be removed.

Project Veritas released documents recently that contradict Fauci’s sworn testimony regarding gain of function research. Worse, if true, the documents show that Fauci might have been trying to weaponize Wuflu.

The documents come from a report at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). And they were reported to be hidden in a top secret shared drive.

Darpa’s website is clearly military, with the .mil extension to prove it. DARPA facilitates research in technology with potential military applications under the US Department of Defense

Project Veritas obtained a report which stated that EcoHealth Alliance approached DARPA in March 2018 to get funding for Project Defuse. The project was specifically to conduct gain of function research of coronaviruses from bats. However, the proposal was rejected by DARPA. And for the very reason Senator Rand Paul questioned Fauci on. Gain of function research violates a moratorium against such research. Additionally, there were safety concerns.
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Did this stop Fauci? Not according to the documents.

Under the direction of Dr. Fauci, NIAID proceeded with the research at the Wuhan Virology Lab in China and at several sites other across the US.

Again, under oath on multiple occasions Fauci has claimed that no such research occurred. Not with NIH, NIAID or through the EcoHealth Alliance program.

Veritas wrote:

“The report goes on to detail concern regarding the COVID-19 gain of function program, the concealment of documents, the suppression of potential curatives, like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, and the mRNA vaccines.”

DARPA’s Chief of Communications, Jared Adams commented on the findings. They told Project Veritas when asked about the secrecy surrounding the documents,

“It doesn’t sound normal to me. If something resides in a classified setting, then it should be appropriately marked. I’m not at all familiar with unmarked documents that reside in a classified space.”

In yet another scoop, Project Veritas may have exposed Fauci as a criminal.

According to Project Veritas, “The main report regarding the EcoHealth Alliance proposal leaked on the internet a couple of months ago, it has remained unverified until now.”
I remind you that like WikiLeaks, Project Veritas has yet to have a story debunked, nor have they ever lost a lawsuit. 

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