It’s What Trump DID NOT Say in Arizona

President Trump remains a major force in politics. Some argue that he may be more influential in his present role, versus running again in 2024.

I disagree with this. Because why not have both. But to have both, Trump needed to heed advice that I’ve given, and I’m sure others concur.

Trump brags constantly about bringing vaccines to market. And that’s a huge mistake. When Biden and other members of Team Demento wanted to take credit for vaccines, Trump should have obliged.

And he might have been right, given all the iterations of Wuflu vaccines and variants. The time came long ago for Trump to step back. But he didn’t.

Despite all the evidence against vaccines, Trump persisted.

Then suddenly he decided to listen.

I wish I could take credit for the change. However, I haven’t been around Trump in ages. He still surrounds himself with sycophants and suckups who tell him what they want him to hear. However, he did listen as was evidenced at his rally in Arizona.

As Destructive Media reported,

President Donald Trump gave a powerful speech to an energized, massive crowd in Florence, Arizona last night as the Trump rallies return ahead of the Red Wave coming in November of this year to reclaim the republic from the illegitimate Biden* presidency.

However, there was one glaring difference in Trump’s speech — he didn’t push the vaccines.

Instead, the former POTUS reminded the crowd of his successful push for effective therapeutics against the CCP virus, and the primacy of natural immunity in children.

For those who wonder if Trump can shift gears or pays attention, recall what happened at his last rally when he touted vaccines.

Trump was noticeably booed. Next, after an interview with Candace Owens where he recommended people get vaxxed, he caught pure hell.

Perhaps Trump finally realizes that he erred in his position. Fauci the Fraud worked with the vax Nazis and other eugenicists, and bamboozled him. Americans and the world got no vaccines, but instead those who got vaxxed received experimental gene therapy.

For the record, Trump wants no part of what will be revealed about these death pokes. The government has intentionally kept Americans from knowing real data. Still, Americans know the truth. And that’s why millions of us refuse this nonsense.

Trump undoubtedly woke up. He made no mention of vaccinations, nor should he. And with that off his plate, he can make a successful run for his third winning election in 2024. Only this time, he will actually get back in the Oval Office and not a metaphorical one.

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