Omicron Vaccine is a Waste of Time

Leftists want to vaccinate everybody. This despite knowing the vaccines are complete failures in adults.

But don’t let the facts stop Democrats from implementing their eugenicist extinction plan. They even want to vaccinate children.

Again, despite overwhelming evidence that children aren’t dying from Wuflu or variants, Leftists want children vaccinated. Less than 4000 deaths from Wuflu with a population of 70 million children under the age of 17. No pharmaceutical company would make a product for such a small sample. But when the government foots the bill, you can waste money.

And now the f*cktard Leftists want “anothercon”.

CNBC reports,

On Monday, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told CNBC that its vaccine with BioNTech that targets omicron — and other variants that are currently circulating — will be ready for distribution by spring and that the company has already started manufacturing doses.

But an omicron-targeted vaccine was needed in Decembersays Dr. William Moss, executive director of the International Vaccine Access Center at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “It still could be valuable but I do think in many ways, it’s too late” for the current omicron wave, Moss says.

Dr. Shaun Truelove, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, agrees: “Given how quickly this [variant] is happening, [the targeted vaccine] may not matter because everybody’s going to be infected,” says Truelove, a member of The Covid Scenario Modeling Hub, a team of researchers who make Covid projections.

The country has been seeing record Covid infections: More than 95% of reported Covid cases were due to the omicron variant as of early January, according to the CDC. On Sunday, over 307,000 new cases of Covid were reported, according to Johns Hopkins.

“Experts” believe (rightfully) that all these pharma gangsters are wasting their time, yet the pimps want their money.

But even if they did provide a vaccine; for what? For something less deadly than the common cold? And didn’t I read somewhere that getting Omicron actually helps people from the more deadlier (still not that deadly variants)?

So if Omicron helps people fight the other variants, why are they making a cure?

But if an Omicron-targeted vaccine is anything like the other vaccines, it too would be a heaping pile of elephant dung. Moreover, by the time they develop this other version a newer version would be out. Like Deltacron and Fluocron.


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