Leftist Troublemaker ARRESTED at the Trump Rally

Conservatives are not troublemakers. For the most part, we follow laws, and have a “live and let live attitude”. Democrats and other Leftists behave quite differently.

At the recent Trump rally in Arizona attended by almost 16,000 people, there was one such Leftist troublemaker.

This tweet captures the scene, as the female troublemaker was dismissed from the rally:

I will give this woman credit. Normally, Leftists attempt to disguise themselves as “Trump supporters”, and then entice people to join them in skullduggery. However, this woman wore her Biden shirt.

Frankly, that shirt says it all. Obviously the woman was disturbed. Because these days only the mentally disturbed admit they voted for Biden or continue to support the brain-dead idiot.

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In this next video watch as Uncle Sam himself steals her sign.

Meanwhile in LaLa Land, Leftists continue to put their eggs in all the wrong baskets.

This Tweeter is banking on Rachelle Maddow. That’s a sign of insanity all on it’s own.

Of course, Twitter wouldn’t be Twitter without a few leftists to troll every conservative post. In this case, the arrestee herself chimed in.

At last check, I didn’t see a GoFundMe.

However, I did see a thread of comments calling this woman “brave” and giving her props for the size of her balls. Meanwhile, I can’t help but wonder why she went in the first place. If you’re a peace-seeking leftist tree-hugger, why show up at a Trump rally and stir up drama?

What I find even more interesting is that while several people suggested a fundraiser, no one started one. If they did, they sure didn’t plug it back into the Twitter thread. And that tells me one thing- people support this cuckoo bird in name only. In other words, they’re happy to tweet an “atta girl,” but they’re not putting their money where their tweets are.

That’s the fundamental difference between leftist lunatics and the tried and true conservatives that make up the real backbone of this country. One can bet that if a Trumper faced such injustice, conservatives would break out their wallets. But Trumpers don’t show up at Biden rallies and try to stir up trouble. Well, to be fair, no one shows up at Biden rallies, but you get what I’m trying to say.

Conservatives behave with class the majority of the time. And liberals like to show their ass, pretty much every minute of every day. But there’s a much bigger take-away here. Trump had a crowd of at least 16,000 people. And the only Biden supporter we saw is this one woman who was hell-bent on making a scene.

I think this is very reflective of the way our country truly feels. Out of every 15,000 people, there’s that one leftist trying to be louder than the rest of the crowd. But if they stick around long enough, Uncle Sam will nip it in the bud.



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